Weekly Meal Plan

Hellooo! Happy Monday! Here’s your weekly meal plan made easy so you can plan, shop and partially prepare your meals for the next week by making a meal plan that meets your family needs w/our weekly menu planner. No scrambling on the weeknights, wondering what you will fix for dinner.  With just a minimum of time investment over the weekend, you’ll be free’d up for the week to relax more with your family.

Would you rather receive your meal planning on Friday, Weekend or Monday? Let your voice be heard and leave a comment if you have a preference. Thank you!

Meal Planning Made Easy

I created a new Weekly Menu Planner for you to print out, so be sure and grab that at the bottom of the post, whether you use these yummy recipes or not!

Make your grocery list today and shop this weekend.  You will be so happy you did. Use this Super Dooper Grocery List Planner and the Weekly Menu Planner below..to see what you might need and to create your own unique meal plan.

Don’t forget to go back and see our past Meal Planning Made Easy menus.  You are sure to want to make some of the recipes again!

Tips for Making This Weeks Meal Planning Easier!

   Another yummy meatball recipe this week!  My biggest suggestion is to buy some ground beef in bulk and make a ton of these and freeze for later recipes.  You can even pre cook if you like making this meal even faster for weeknight prep.
   Double your chicken when you make your Pesto Chicken Casserole, then you will have leftover for your Chicken Salad!

The links below are not of the pics in the collage.  Just so you won’t be disappointed when you click over.  I’m using a template from a past post.  This will ensure that I get my post up in a timely manner and will also serve to get you going faster!  I can assure you that these recipes are just as deelish as the pics above! YUM!


Here’s the new Weekly Menu Planner for download. Click the link below picture and download the PDF to your computer.

Weekly Menu Planner

Weekly Menu Planner


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This Crispy Baked BBQ Chicken Strips recipe is sooo easy to make in bulk and freeze for those quick snacks or easy dinners!


If you would like to learn more about meal planning…the EASY way, you might like to read how I make my life easier with a FLEXIBLE meal plan with FREE printable. Or maybe you’d like to see how you can create Freezer Meals the easy way!

How to make a flexible meal plan

Here are some other money saving tips you may like!

Want to learn How to use up Leftovers with a FREE Printable?

Printable for using up leftovers

Enjoy and be blessed!


Have a great weekend!

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