8 Simple Habits to Revive Your Faith

You are not here by mistake! God Sees you and knows you...He knows your very heartbeat....


Watching the News on television, reading the newspapers, the internet and social media...our email.. It can all be so overwhelming and discouraging! It's easy to wonder...where are you God?! Don't you see the crazy?  Tragedy hits someone close...

Our faith can begin to waiver and we can even start to become cynical and skeptical...about life...about god.

We live in a crazy world & need 
to do everything we can to Revive our faith daily!

I believe you don't have to have a perfect life to have a relationship with a perfect God. 

I know what it can be like to have your faith wavering. Our heart is crying out for God and we wonder where He has gone. Our heart knows but our mind can't quite figure it out! It can be confusing...

Standing on God's promises, studying those that have gone before us and renewing our minds are just a few ways to increase and revive our faith. 

Your faith is what will sustain you during the hard times! Let's  revive our faith together...shall we! Two are better than one! 

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