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Cute Editable Meal Planner Template with Grocery List

Want a weekly meal planning template with grocery list that will knock your socks off? The one thing that keeps me somewhat sane in this busy life is to have a meal plan. If you need some great ideas here’s a fantastic list of Cheap Meals for a Month. I don’t want just any old menu planner either. I like cute, editable and easy to use. This Cute Editable Meal Planner Template with Grocery List and Recipes is something you can use over and over. I’ve also added an editable Grocery List Planner too! Edit it or just simply print and reuse again and again. 

Getting Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner on the table can be overwhelming when done day after day. I totally get that! I’ve been a Mom for over 46 years and oh man, meal time can get just plain exhausting without a Flexible Meal Plan and a simple meal planning template! If you have an editable weekly menu template and grocery list that you can refer to over and over again, it becomes easier and easier! I promise!

Cute editable Menu Planner Template with Grocery List

Cute Editable Meal Planner Template with Grocery List

Best tips for using the editable cute meal planner printable:

  • Start with ONE week of meal planning if you are just starting out.
  • Keep ALL of your weekly menu plans as you go! The thing I’ve learned over the years is that you don’t need to reinvent the wheel every week or month. If your family likes certain meals then…make them…again and again. Of course you need to spread those favorite meals out, but keep it simple for yourself. 
  • Add in a new recipe on occasion. Don’t spend hours and hours hunting down new recipes every week. Simply add a new recipe to your weekly meal planner template with grocery list.
  • Keeping all of your menu plans and grocery lists means that all you have to do is print them and take them to the store! Keeping all of your plans mean more time, less stress and makes your grocery shopping a breeze.
Cute Editable Meal Planner Template with Grocery List

I’ve created this family menu template with 5 family friendly recipes AND a grocery shopping list to go along with it…just for you!! A weeks worth of meals all planned out for you! Use the meal planning template, recipes and grocery list over and over again. Add to it or take away what you don’t need. Make the printable meal planner template your own!

Cute Editable Menu Planner Template with Grocery List

Who is Meal Planning for?

  • Well in my humble opinion…Everyone!
  • Anyone that wants to save time and money!
  • Homeschoolers, Working Parents, SAHM’s…everyone!

Why Menu Planning is a great idea?

How to Edit and use this Weekly Meal Planner Template

Cute Menu Planner Template w/ Grocery List Planner

Editable Meal Planner Template ~

How to Edit:

  • Download the menu planner template and make several copies of the file
  • Open the meal planner template using a PDF reader
  • If you prefer you can open the pdf using a web browser and edit and print directly from your desktop/laptop
  • Anywhere there is blue you can click on it and edit in those spaces
  • After you edit your Grocery List and Menu Planner be sure to save or all of your hard work will be gone.

How to use the meal planning template:

  • Fill in your Meals for the week ~ for ideas you can check out these Budget Friendly Meals.
  • Be sure and include the store sales in your meal planning, this can save you ALOT of money.
  • Clean out your fridge and pantry so you can see what you have already.
  • After you have added all of your meals for the week and checked the sales, then I would print.
  • I have seen people at the store with an iPad list, but this is too cumbersome.
  • I thought I would try being super efficient one day and download the meal planner on my phone and make my list there. You can definitely do that…and open the pdf in a pdf filler…BUT it was too hard! It was just too tiny of writing. You can however create your list take a screenshot and shop that way!

How to Use the Editable Grocery List Template

Cute Meal Planner Template with Grocery List

Editable Grocery List Planner ~

  • After you have your menu, you then go through each meal and add  the ingredients to your shopping list.
  • Use the Grocery List Template example above to see how I’ve added the 5 recipes that come with this Free Meal Plan and Grocery List Template

If you are a paper and pencil kinda gal and would like to simply print and fill in your grocery list and meal plan template, this is perfectly ok! Whatever you prefer. 

Don’t Panic! Just use this easy meal planner template!

The one thing I DON’T want you to do is to panic or be overwhelmed. Take it slow. Trust me…once you’ve done a few weeks and saved the weekly meal templates and grocery list templates…you don’t have to do it over and over! Just keep re using the same ones. 

Here’s the cold hard fact…most family eat the same meals over and over…it’s just the way it is. We have our favorite meals and snacks and that is what we eat. So although doing a menu plan can seem impossible and overwhelming…it’s really very easy!!

Remember…with this FREE download you can use it over and over again!!

printable meal planner template

What are Some Good Methods for Meal Planning

Quite some years ago I wrote a post called “How to Make a Flexible Meal Plan” that works for YOU and YOUR family! In it I give 8 great tips for creating this meal plan. I have been using these meal planning methods for yeeears! It’s not rocket science but sometimes I’m sad that people are so overwhelmed by the thought of meal planning. I promise, this is SO easy…you can do it!! 

A couple of easy methods could be Freezer Cooking and Freezer Meal Starters! SO helpful. You do not have to do a whole month at a time. Do what works for you! Doing something is better than doing nothing…right?!

More meal planning ideas, tips and recipes:

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