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15 Fun Indoor Activities to Keep Kids Busy

The excitement of Christmas is over and the weather outside is cold,  rainy and snowy!  The kids are already  saying… ”I’m bored”  and starting to  squabble with one another too much.   Here are  15 Fun Indoor Activities to Keep Kids Busy during those looong cold winter days. There are also MORE fun indoor activities for Keeping Fussy Kids Happy While You Cook Dinner too?

I know the feeling when that guilt sets in because the kids have been watching too much TV or Movies and there is still a long winter ahead.

Instead of letting these long winter months get to you and your kids, have fun!  Make a mess, use your imagination and make memories!

So what do you do when the kids say “I’m bored!”

Indoor Activities for kids in the winter

15 Fun Indoor Activities to Keep Kids Busy

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  1. Indoor Bowling!  Yes, if you have a long hall way you can totally do this with a few things from around the house. Check how!
  2. Let the kids build a tent city with sheets and blankets..let them move the furniture around…OR if you are really adventurous and have a large indoor playroom, you can build one with PVC pipe and elbows .
  3. Let them build the biggest spider web ever by giving them some yarn and going between all of the furniture and then let them crawl around it…(not so good with younger kids)
  4. Bird Watching:  make some Little Bird Feeders and set them out for the birds..Bird food is cheap.  Those little birdies need food at this time of year.  You could even buy some inexpensive binoculars.   For older kids..have them identify and draw the birds,’  
  5. If you kids LOVE Legos/Duplos/Bricks then they will LOVE these super fun Brick Activities! I wish this had been around when my kids were younger!

Brick Challenges for kids


     6. Even in the Winter Kids can learn about Birds!

Click on the picture if you want to hop over and check them out!

     7. Let them take turns  “swimming”  in the bathtub..come on,  it’s a great way to pass an hour.  

ALEX Toys Rub a Dub Star CrayonALEX Toys Rub a Dub Star Crayon



There is nothing more fun than “swimming” in the middle of winter! All the more fun when you have safe soap crayons to allow the kids to get creative!


Ok I really can’t help it, but I’m sure you will agree with me that having the kids in the bathtub, having fun AND getting clean is an all out rock star Mom moment!!

Umm just don’t let them go crazy… AND DO NOT leave those little scalawags unattended!


Green Toys Ferry Boat with Mini Cars BathtubGreen Toys Ferry Boat with Mini Cars BathtubBoon B11088 Building Bath Pipes Toy Set, SetBoon B11088 Building Bath Pipes Toy Set, SetHook and Reel Fishing Toy Playset for KidsHook and Reel Fishing Toy Playset for KidsBathtime Pirate Ship Bathtub Bath Toy for KidsBathtime Pirate Ship Bathtub Bath Toy for KidsBath Toy - Submarine Spray Station - BatteryBath Toy – Submarine Spray Station – Battery


     8. Get a jump on Spring and make an indoor window sill garden.  These are so easy and inexpensive.  All you need are some containers..these could even be milk cartons,  some dirt and some seeds..Oh and a Sunny window!  Or you could buy a kit.  Really easy to grow are:  Beans,  Radishes,  Onions,  Peas,  Sweet Alyssum,  Nasturtiums,  Parsley.  To really perk the excitement of kids..plant the seeds so that they spell out the child’s initials.  Be creative and plant in different kinds of containers too!  

Here are a couple ready to go and no fail kits, the kids AND YOU might enjoy.

The Miracle Gro AreoGarden is on my list this year!


Reclaimed Barnwood Planter Box Mini Herb Garden KitReclaimed Barnwood Planter Box Mini Herb Garden KitMiracle-Gro AeroGarden Sprout with Gourmet Herb Seed PodMiracle-Gro AeroGarden Sprout with Gourmet Herb Seed Pod


     9. Let the kids paint an old clay pot that you will plant in.


Sprouts grow SUPER FAST and are so healthy and yummy!  Kids love them and you can see them grow and change almost daily

Sprout Life Mesh Sprouting Screens (5) Sprouting LidsSprout Life Mesh Sprouting Screens (5) Sprouting Lids

There is nothing easier to grow than Sprouts! I’ve been growing them for YEARS!

I wish there had been a fun kit like this when I first started!


     10. Draw some pictures to send to Grandma and Grandpa!   Don’t forget to send them.  LOL!

     11. We use to have a sensory bin that had bird seed,  rice and beans.  We would put sand toys  and  kitchen utensils in it and spread a sheet out in the kitchen with the bin on top and let them play,  play,  play..this was a real kid pleaser!  Use the flat under the bed bins, then when you are done just put the lid on and slide under the bed.

     12. Shaving Cream art.  I only did this with Cookie Sheet with edges …not much mess then.  Spray Shaving Cream onto cookie sheet and let the kids finger paint.   Draw pictures and letters or maybe draw those birds you are watching!

     13. Get to that Library…Oh the fun books and projects you can find there…Don’t get me started on that one..I LOVE the Library

     14. Freeze dance with the Alphabet!  Write one letter of the Alphabet on a piece of paper (use the letter’s you are working on most)  When the music stops,  whatever letter the child is on..they either find something in the room that starts with that letter or they think of a word that starts with that letter.

 So here is my biggest tip of the day and I get so excited about it: 

     15. Cook with your Kids!!  Kids LOVE to cook (even teens!)  and there are so many ways to get even the littlest involved.

Some fun recipes ideas outdoor indoor fun :

  • pizza muffins – muffins,  spaghetti sauce,  cheese,  toppings…if you want
  • Bagel Bites
  • Homemade Pizza 
  • Chocolate Chip Blondie Brownies – these are SO EASY…kids can stir and sift!  Kids love to make cookies and make the round balls..who cares if they are perfectly round 🙂 Or Sugar Cookies – let the kids frost them.  If you don’t want to make from scratch BUY cookie dough..yes it’s perfectly legal..LOL!  Your kids won’t judge you and you won’t be a bad Mommy!
  • Homemade Hot Pockets
  • Make some Vegetable Soup…they might even eat there veggies this way
  • Make Scrambled Eggs..a great way for older kids to practice cracking eggs and the littlest to practice stirring.
  • Kids love to spread Peanut Butter,  Cream Cheese…really anything on crackers or bread.  Let them do it.
  • After you are done cooking,  be sure and let the kids help clean up..let them load dishwasher..that doesn’t have to be perfect either!
  • Take some of your specially made food to neighbors or let the kids invite another child for the meal or treat they have  just prepared!

 My biggest boredom buster…COOK WITH THE KIDS!

indoor winter activities for kids

Cooking and Eating are all about the relationship.  It’s quality time and enjoying one another that counts the most..build that relationship with each other and a love for cooking healthy food at the same time!

Try some of these activities just a couple of times a week.  Winter will go by much faster.  Oh and don’t forget to take a nice walk outdoors too!

Since we are indoors so much during the winter..it’s the perfect time for Potty Training!!

Potty Train in a Weekend: Potty training inPotty Train in a Weekend: Potty training in


More activities and ideas for keeping your kids happy and busy:



Let me know what creative things you do with your kids during the long winter months!

kids playing indoor winter games




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  1. Great ideas! I have 5 nieces and nephews and what I remember most about each of them is how great I sleep after a full day of playing with them. My goodness! They can go forever, can’t they? So lovely and precious.

    1. Hi Fawn! And I know you are the BEST Auntie..so there you go more ideas for fun! Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Super terrific ideas! We’ve done a few of these. My kids love shaving cream. And my son likes using his mini construction vehicles in a box of rice…

    1. Thanks OneMommy! My kids really liked the sensory bin too! They would play for the longest time. Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Thanks for these good ideas – the “tent city” is one we haven’t tried for a while, so I will give this a go at the forthcoming half term week in three weeks’ time.

    1. Awesome Jewel! The tent city is always a big hit around our house..now my grandson loves to do it 🙂 Thanks so much for stopping by!
      Blessings to you!

  4. I love these ideas! Especially the swimming in the tub! Not only do the kids have fun, but they get clean too! Most of the time when my son play he just gets dirty! I also love turning the living room into a tent. We do this all the time!

    1. Yay Brenda! I’m so glad you found this list useful! My kids loved taking long baths and playing…sometimes I would have to put more hot water in they would swim so long!
      Thanks so much for stopping by!

  5. Shari,
    The title of your post is so funny. Only yesterday, my nearly four year old granddaughter said to me, ‘Nana, I’m bored, I want Christmas to start all over again!” Gulp!

    Lots of great ideas. ‘Get a jump on Spring and make an indoor window sill garden’, what a fantastic idea.

    Have a great day!

    1. Hi Carole! I’m so glad you found this list useful! Kids are so funny AND busy! Hope she can find some fun things to do! Windowsill gardens are sooo easy..have her paint the container too 🙂 Thanks for stopping by!

  6. Great ideas shared. Thanks. We have to make vegie soup at our house agin, soon. Peanut butter and cream chees will be great fun for the 6 year old to make supper.
    I love it that you said that things don’t have to be perfect. Bravo!
    Malika Bourne the No Non-cents Nanna

    1. Hi Malika! So glad you found some of these ideas useful for your littles 🙂 Nothing can be perfect with kids..right? Oh I guess nothing is really perfect.. LOL 😀 Thanks for stopping by!

  7. What fun ideas! I’ll have to keep some of these in mind as my daughter is only two. 🙂 One of my sisters gave us an indoor tent and tube set that I pull out here and there. My daughter loves crawling inside. We also LOVE the library! 🙂 That definitely helps to break up our day! Have a great week!

  8. Great list! Making tent cities inside was probably one of our favorite pastimes as children! Thanks for sharing this with us 🙂

  9. What a wonderful list with TONS of creative ideas. Thank you for sharing at Merry Monday!

  10. Shari, these are delightful ideas.

    Winters can be so long here in Alberta. It’s nice to have a running list of activities to participate in. Indoor bowling is THE BEST!

    Thanks for sharing.

    Wishing you a lovely weekend.

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