Advent at Home 10 Wonderful Ways to Celebrate

Advent at home 10 Wonderful Ways to Celebrate! Have you ever wondered what Advent is?  For a long time…even as a Christian, I did not know what Advent was.  There is no shame in not knowing…the Christian walk is about learning and growing…right?!  I wanted to share these 10 Wonderful Ways to Celebrate Advent at Home, so that you may consider having a fun and Christ Centered Christmas. 

I hope you will join me in Celebrating Advent at home.. because He has come and He will come again!

Advent at Home

Advent at Home 10 Wonderful Ways to Celebrate 

What IS Advent?

1. ad·vent/ˈadˌvent/ ~ Noun: 1. The arrival of a notable person, thing or event 2. The first season of the church year, leading up to Christmas and including the four preceding Sundays.

Advent does NOT need to be celebrated only on certain days (like Sundays) Use all of the ideas below to do what is BEST for YOUR family.  If you are starting a little late in December…THAT’S OK! I’ll give you some ideas for how to celebrate Advent at home!

What is the history of Advent?

This video perfectly explains the history of Advent perfectly!

I also realize that not everyone wants to make Crafty Advent Calendars from scratch so I have added in some other fun Advent Craft kits that might be easier or give you more ideas!

25 Days of Service by I Heart Nap Time ~ I LOVE how Jamielyn did these acts of service for her advent!  Awesome idea!

Advent at Home

There are some awesome kits that you can order too! Below is a super cool interactive one! It’s called The Wonder of the Greatest Gift. Ann Voskamp is one of my all time favorite Authors! You won’t be disappointed with this beautiful and meaningful Advent Calendar.

Advent Calendar

This super cute Advent Calendar is so simple and yet so elegant!  by Most Lovely ThingsAdvent at Home

Advent Calendar Kit - Christmas Countdown Calendar, 25Advent Calendar Kit – Christmas Countdown Calendar, 25


You can do so many things with these cute paper bags. They are already numbered and ready to go.

Simply put scripture and little treat in the bag and hang on the heavy twine with clothespins. All in a neat little kit!




DaySpring Shepherd on the Search Activity SetDaySpring Shepherd on the Search Activity Set


You know the Elf on the Shelf rage that’s been going around these past 5 years or so. WELL DaySpring has a perfect way to participate in the ALL the FUN except keeping the focus on Christ for Christmas! Celebrate Advent with The Shepherd on the Search! Just like Elf on the Shelf, this adorable Shepherd comes with a book full of fun activities and adventures that will keep the kids guessing until Christmas! LOVE!

“During the Advent season, begin reading the story of your shepherd’s timeless journey in a beautifully illustrated interactive children’s book, and let the fun begin every day as you hide your shepherd and your children find him in a new place along the search! The shepherd’s journey begins anew every Christmas season and ends on Christmas day as your shepherd finds his way to the manger.”


Love this very simple Advent that can be pulled together in no time by Mess for Less

Advent at Home

Love, Love, Love this one!  25 names of Jesus, = 25 days of December!  Don’t you just love His Name!  This is what Christmas is all about!  Thank you Kojo Designs

Advent at Home

Super cute and meaningful Advent on the Refrigerator! Thank you Nike at Thrive

Advent at Home

I think I’m getting old because I love anything with clothespins!  This Advent Calendar by Abby of Just a Girl and her blog is so super cute and comes with Scripture Printables!

Advent at Home

Love this Jesse Tree Advent Calendar by the Unlikely Homeschool very elegant and simple.  She gives all of the Scripture verses to go along with it!Advent at home

You don’t have to do something every single day if this is just too overwhelming

Many have 4 Candles and light one each Sunday or chosen day and simply read a portion of Scripture that goes along with that week.  Here are a couple of super simple Candle arrangements you could use.

This is a super pretty one, but you would use only 4 candles.  By Homestead Revival

how to celebrate advent at home

And another very simple but meaningful arrangement from Homespun Living.

advent 10

More Advent celebration ideas :

Treasure hunt

Use The Shepherd on the Search from above or make your own! Children love treasure hunts. There’s nothing quite as exciting as searching the house, knowing that a gift is waiting somewhere. To celebrate Advent each year,  wrap little trinkets, chocolates and books,  hide each morning.  Then write simple rhymes  and Scripture for each day, offering clues for the search. 

I made a huge chalk board for our wall a while back..

We put 1 scripture a day up on it as we counted down till Christmas.  I also put one question either pertaining to our lives regarding the scripture or to the scripture itself ..if my kids have looked up the scripture and give me an answer to the question or give me a heart answer..I give them a little treat

Since I have very busy teens,  it would be unreasonable for me to expect them to sit down every night have a big family time.  So using the chalk board is easy,  quick and still getting to the heart of Christmas!

You can do Advent all in one night!! 

Sit in a group and take turns reading scripture.  Talk about how this applies to your life.  Light 1 candle after each of 7 Scriptures are read..  Serve some very special desserts for the end to celebrate Christ’s coming again!

Simple Advent Calendars and Books that keep the focus our Christ!

 The Wonder of the Greatest Gift: An Interactive Family Celebration of AdventThe Wonder of the Greatest Gift: An Interactive Family Celebration of Advent


 The Way to the Manger: A Family Advent DevotionalThe Way to the Manger: A Family Advent Devotional Unwrapping the Names of Jesus: An Advent DevotionalUnwrapping the Names of Jesus: An Advent Devotional Unwrapping the Greatest Gift: A Family Celebration of ChristmasUnwrapping the Greatest Gift: A Family Celebration of Christmas Advent Devotions for Busy FamiliesAdvent Devotions for Busy Families Advent StorybookAdvent Storybook Welcome Baby Jesus: Advent and Christmas Reflections for Families (English and English Edition)Welcome Baby Jesus: Advent and Christmas Reflections for Families (English and English Edition) God With Us…For Kids!: A Love God Greatly Advent Study Journal For Kids!God With Us...For Kids!: A Love God Greatly Advent Study Journal For Kids!


Be Blessed Today!

More Christmas ideas

Free Printable Gift tags

Free Printable Recipe Cards

How to Make a Homemade Centerpiece 

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  3. These are all so lovely! We celebrate Advent already but I’m really loving the acts of service style Advent featured. There’s nothing more fulfilling than helping others… not just at Christmas time but what an excellent excuse to do more! <3

    1. I loved that too Erin! So creative and so worthwhile..a servants heart..I mean isn’t that what Christ came for?! Thanks so much for stopping by! Blessings

    1. LOL I know right! But I do love chocolate..any kind! HA! Not for Advent though 😀 Thanks for stopping by Andee! Blessings!

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  5. Growing up, my church never emphasized Advent so I didn’t really know much on how to celebrate it until I was older with my own child. Once kids came along, I started incorporating Advent–celebrating in our own Smith House way–to focus our family traditions on the birth of Jesus.

    Always looking for more ways to celebrate– thanks for these ideas 🙂

  6. I lvoe this time of year and we never get around to doing anything special for Advent. I am saving this list for ideas.

  7. Spotted your post over at The Art of Home-Making Mondays on Strangers & Pilgrims… Thanks for sharing!

  8. Thank you for the great ideas of how to incorporate Jesus into my kids lives in a much more meaningful and life enriching way than a punch out window hiding a piece of chocolate. Thanks for sharing.

  9. This is so practical and incredibly helpful! Thank you so much for sharing at Make A Difference Mondays! Pinning now : )

  10. Even though I have always been a Christian, and even seen these countdown calendars, I never heard it referred to as “Advent,” now I hear it everywhere. I really like the meaning and purpose behind it. When we have our daughter next year, it will be a special tradition that we can start. I really liked the bulbs with the different names of Jesus because you can discuss each one as a family before your child places it on the tree each night. 🙂 I also saw a great idea floating around a couple blogs of wrapping up 25 Christmas books, mostly children’s books or easy chapter books. Each day your children pick out one to unwrap and read–it is a fun and educational way to celebrate Advent. Thanks for sharing great ideas!

  11. Thank you for the Advent roundup. It’s nice to see new ideas on such an old tradition.

  12. Shari, These are awesome ideas. I especially like the one with the flower pots and the one with the tin pan. Thanks so much for adding it to the Blessing Counters Link Party. Blessings and hugs my friend!

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