How to Make a Homemade Christmas Centerpiece

I am privileged to live in the great Pacific Northwest and one of the things that I really love at this time of year is being able to go into my backyard, grab a bunch of pinecones and branches and create a simple Homemade Christmas Centerpiece. 

With a few Christmas ornaments and maybe a few Candles I can create a simple centerpiece…it’s fun!  I’ve been doing this for years because it’s so easy!

Homemade Christmas Centerpiece

Here is how to make a Homemade Christmas Centerpiece!

These branches are from the lower half of our Christmas Tree.  Just lay them in a circle.  Don’t get into perfectionism.  Just lay them out and forget it.


Set a large plate in the middle.  Any kind will do…I bought this one at a thrift store, but you can catch these anywhere for inexpensive.


Then simply add anything Christmassy on top!  I had this hurricane lamp, added sugar and a candle.  Then these pinecones are the cinnamon you buy that smell so yummy, it’s worth is to buy a BIG bag because then you can use them all over your house.  Then I added just a couple ornaments and boom!  Done! 

I MAY buy some Cranberries to put on top of the sugar for some more color when it gets closer to Christmas…but only if they go on sale. 

Christmas Centerpiece

I wanted to share with you some other Homemade Christmas Centerpieces that others have made too!  You can do this in a snap!  Maybe not all of them in a snap…but most! 

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centerpiece 3


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christmas centerpiece 2

Nest of Bliss


In the Storm

snowman centerpiece

Far Above Rubies


centerpiece 2


Life Your Way


Madigan Made


Mommy Savers


Enjoy the holidays and don’t stress about decorations! Use what you have and keep it simple.

Blessings to you today! o


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Homemade Rustic Christmas Centerpiece

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