Distressed Serving Tray

Wow I’m waaaay behind on posting for this series.  If I were all organized I would have had all these done BEFORE I started The Best DIY Thrift Gifts Ever, but alas…I’m not!  This Distressed Serving Tray is the latest simple project I’ve done for this series.

For those of you not on my Social Media, of which I’d love it if you wanted to be..LOL I have gotten a new part time job outside of the home AND I’ve had to take several classes and tests that I didn’t know I had to take!  So this has thrown me waaay off.  


Distressed Serving Tray

How to make a Simple Distressed Serving Tray

I bought this almost brand new cute serving tray a week or two ago at the thrift store.  It is like brand new, but I wanted to personalize a bit and make a distressed serving tray.  Distressed is “in” you know.  

I love to look through DIY Farmhouse Crafts Books! Like this one to get some fun ideas:

A Touch of Farmhouse Charm: Easy DIY Projects to Add a Warm and Rustic Feel to Any Room

The Tray was 50% off so I actually paid $2.49! Yay!

So this is what I did…Remember, I’m into EASY!

Distressed Serving Tray 1

First I want to say…if you don’t find a tray that is almost new like this one, so what!  Find one you like the style of and spray paint it.  Just like I did with the Distressed Jar Craft

I took the tray outside and distressed just a bit on the edges with fine sandpaper.

Distressed Serving Tray

I then happened to find this scripture at the dollar store and added to the middle.  If you had a nice stencil that would be fun too.  I haven’t decided if I like it or not… It would be fun to cut out a bible verse or two, use these fun vintage printables and Modge Podge that on instead.  Soo we’ll see.  I didn’t want you to have to wait until this weekend for me to try it though.

Distressed Serving Tray

I also found this Christmassy coffee mug at the dollar store…imagine I went in for straws.  LOL I always buy more there.

If you wanted to, you could add a favorite magazine that your recipient might love. Maybe  a pen or paper… a mug full of candy…really anything. 

Distressed Serving Tray


Give the tray alone!

Price Breakdown:

  • Tray ~ $2.49
  • Stencil Sticker ~ $1.00
  • Magazine ~ $4.00

Total: $7.40

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Have a fantastic day today!  H


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