12 Free Vegetable Gardening Catalogs

I LOVE to get free gardening catalogs by mail! If you love free then you will LOVE these Fun And Useful Gardening Printables And Downloads! These 12 Free Vegetable Gardening Catalogs are jammed packed with information.

Garden catalogs give WAY more information than just what the seed, vegetable, fruit or flowers are about. Many of them give valuable info about climates, soil, organic fertilizers to boost your soil and articles about all sorts of things related to gardening!

Some have such rare types of heirloom vegetables seeds and plants that it is amazing! Its fun to read the descriptions and learn all about them and start planning my garden for the Spring, Summer and beyond.

12 Free Vegetable Gardening Catalogs

There’s really nothing more fun and more satisfying than planting a seed into the garden and watching God create life so that it will nourish our bodies when harvest comes! Gardening is a very simple thing that anyone can learn, including kids! Here are 15 simple and creative tips for teaching kids to garden!

Quick Gardening Tips ~ 

Once your Catalogs arrive at home, spend time browsing and dreaming about what you want to grow. 

Take into consideration how big your garden is going to be. Do you have a square foot garden? Are you growing in containers? Go through each catalog and decide what looks like a great fit for you to grow. After you’re satisfied with dreaming and planning, you start narrowing down your choices. The great thing about these catalogs is that they are packed with all the info you need about each plant, so you can plan accordingly.

Once you’ve made your final decision, you can order from the catalog or buy local from a nursery! Yep…just because you get a companies catalog, doesn’t mean you have to buy from them. Check prices carefully!

Whether you are planting seeds or plant starters, planning ahead will save you time and money! It’s most fun for me to get these in the winter! It gives me something to dream about and gives me time to make decisions. 

Free Gardening Catalogs by mail

Once you have ordered your Plant Catalogs you will likely be on all of the mailing lists, as you do need to give your email for a Catalog Request. The good news…you don’t have to go in and order them over and over each year…most will send them automatically to you!

Here’s the List of Garden Catalogs!

Many of these Catalogs have Organic Seeds, Fruit Trees, Herb Seeds and so much more!

free garden catalogs
Updated for 2022 garden catalog

How can I get free garden stuff?

If you search the internet there are lots of places you can get some free garden stuff? Pollinator Garden Pouch is a cool site where you can receive free seeds that will attract bees and butterflies!

garden catalogs

Where can I get free seed packets?

One place that’s super fun is the Seed Savers Exchange. This site is a community of gardeners and seed stewards, sharing and swapping rare seeds you might not find anywhere else.

Another way of getting free seed packets is to contact your local Seed Library OR start one! Usually if you pull up Seed Library in your online browser it will show you if there is anything local. If not you can still contact Seed Libraries and have them send them to you. It’s kind of fun to see what areas have what seeds! Also some of these Free garden catalogs that are in this post will give out free seeds if you ask.


There are TONS more catalogs out there…but I have personally used all of these companies or used their catalogs for reference. They are fun!

Do you have a favorite that you would like to share?

Have you picked out your Vegetable garden spot yet?

More Gardening Goodies with Lots of Free Stuff!

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  1. Wow! Thanks! Signed up for several of the catalogs! Love how your links took me right to the signup. I picked out the sunniest spot in our yard ( a strip across the back) and we built 3 boxes to plant in! We put straw bales in the boxes, just set the bales in the box, covered with plastic, to kill any seeds in the straw, and now we are filling them with dirt! Did you pick a spot yet? So exciting! Thanks! Can’t wait to drool over the catalogs! Raining here today, today we went to the dump yesterday,(too many fir cones everywhere) so all ready! 🙂

    1. Terri you are absolutely AMAZING!! I have decided for this year that I will be planting everywhere! I’m going to be putting ALOT of Veggie plants in with my flower beds! And I’m doing some container gardening! I can’t wait to show you..soon! The place where I REALLY want to put some raised boxes is where my 16 year old driver will soon be parking his car.. 🙁 Then after him comes my other 2 daughters to follow..so I have to think outside of the box! LOL I thought I might do a total front garden..but ALL of my kids say NO! UGLY…Hmph…I don’t think veggie gardens are ugly..can’t wait to get planting my cool weather veggies!

      Thanks for stopping by and soooo happy that you ordered some Catalogs..they are just too fun and best of all FREE!! Yay!
      Blessings to you!

  2. Gurney’s is one of my favorites. I haven’t heard of some of these. I’ll have to go check them out!

    (visiting from the Work in Progress Wednesday link-up)

  3. I Think Your Doing A Great Thing. Thank You Very Much.

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