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Easy Homemade 4th of July Crafts and Food Ideas

Here are some really Cute and Easy Homemade 4th of July Crafts and Food Ideas for your Independence celebration! Some I have created and some are from other creative bloggers. There is something for everyone…4th of July crafts for adults and easy 4th of July crafts for kids!

You’ll also want to grab your free Printable 4th of July Activity Bingo card!

It’s so easy to create a festive atmosphere with a few simple homemade 4th of July decorations!

Independence Day is almost here!

easy homemade 4th of July Crafts and Ideas

Easy Homemade 4th of July Crafts and Food Ideas

4th of July is a great time to gather with delicious food and friends! Never forget that Freedom is really not Free! A day to truly remember and celebrate all of the freedoms we have!

This cute easy table decoration can be done in about 10 minutes! This Red, White and Blue 4 of July craft can be used with any jar or container you like! Made with rice and food coloring. Get the step by step tutorial. 

4th of july crafts for adults

Another super easy but eye catching recipe is this fun Red, White and Blue layered Fruity Juice Splash!  It always gets rave reviews from the kids AND adults alike!


Living Locurto has done it again with this Darling little Craft that kids can Easily do..and so can you! If you have a hard time finding the Stacker Marshmallows you can buy them Amazon! The Gourmet Writer Food Decorator Pens for writing on the marshmallows too! 

American Flag Marshmallow Pops - Living Locurto - Edible Craft

Very Easy to make 4th of July craft that blows in the wind and celebrates our Red, White and Blue!Thank you Multiples and More!

Ok could you get any cuter than this?  You could buy the flip flops at the dollar store or if you are having a big party you could order a bunch in bulk!

patriotic flip flops

You are going to love,  love,  love every little detail on how to “fire” up your 4th with Between Naps on The Porch!

4th of July Nautical Table Scape

Oh I so want to go there!!!  Is that table gorgeous or what! You can create your own beautiful Patriotic Pinwheels! Lots of patterns and prints!

Party Food and Appetizers!!

These Foot Long Hot Dogs are so easy and so fun!

Super easy appetizers on a stick 30 min or less! Can be made ahead of time too! Great for that Homegating party on Game Day! #fanfoodleague

 Try one of these Red, White and Blue 9 Berry Delicious Desserts at your next gathering!

9 berry delicious desserts!

Don’t forget to teach your children what the 4th of July/Independence Day really means!!

Use this fun printable 4th of July Activity Bingo below to create wonderful memories for the whole family!

Ok so maybe you aren’t a crafty person OR you simply don’t have time…that is perfectly ok! Did you know that you can get Patriotic Party Packs online?! Yay!!  Give yourself a break and just enjoy the holiday!

Patriotic party pack

Ten 4th of July Food and Non Alcoholic Drinks

or these Non Alcoholic Party Drinks!

15 Non alcoholic party drinks

Thank You to all of these cool Blogs and Websites!  We need you! LOL

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  1. Hi Shari 🙂

    Wow, some pretty awesome and cute ideas! I like the flip flops and that table is just adorable. =) Hope you have a fantastic holiday. Around here, a lot of the places that do the fireworks have cancelled out due to the hot and VERY DRY weather. It’s sooo hot here! 🙁 And no rain in sight for a whole week up ahead.

    1. Hi Tammy! Aren’t those flip flops cute! My kids thought they were kinda cool..I can’t wear flip flops 🙁 they bug my toes..but I could do this to some other sandles 🙂 LOL Thanks for stopping by! Blessings!

  2. I love these! How fun! Crafts like these would make the 4th of July so memorable.

    1. Thanks Donna! These are so fun aren’t they! I don’t think I could make my Deck quite like the one in the Pic. but I love the table setting 🙂

  3. We’ve been so busy we haven’t even had a chance to do a craft for the 4th yet! But these are all so darling!
    I actually was just sitting here thinking of what we might do in the morning…

    1. Hi OneMommy! Hope you got to do one of these with your sweet little kidlets! Most of these could be done and not be red, white and blue even! Hope you had a nice 4th! Blessings!

  4. I was really wishing I had some 4th of July decorations when I had people over yesterday! I’m not good at planning ahead. 😉 Maybe next year!

    1. Hi Ginny! I’m not too good sometimes either! Just depends on how busy I am 🙂 Hope you had a nice 4th! Blessings!

  5. I love the crafts a lot. I know it is past 4th but I will still make them anyways. My kids will have a lot of fun with them. Hope your 4th was awesome 🙂

    1. Hi June! You are so sweet. I’m glad you liked the crafts! It would be fun to do any of these wouldn’t it..they don’t have to be red, white and blue! 🙂 Thanks for stopping by! Blessings!

  6. Hey Shari, I have to watch the flip flops I wear as well. I sometimes get blisters…according to what kind of flip flops. Have to be careful. I have purchased many dollar deals and have not been able to wear them 🙁

    The craft ideas were really cute =)

  7. Shari, thanks so much for the shout out! Love all these wonderful inspirations for patriotic celebrations. The 4th of July is one of my favorite holidays! Hope you and your family have a fabulous 4th!

    1. Hi Susan! You are sooo welcome and thank YOU for sharing your BEAUTIFUL Patio…Ummm I still want to go there! 🙂 Many blessings to you and your family also this Independence Day!!

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