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How to Keep Students Safe in a Crazy World

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Wearsafe. All opinions are 100% mine.

I always wanted to have 7 kids when I was growing up. I love my 5 girls and 2 boys…everything about them, yep even the crazy hormones.  The harder part…how to keep students safe in a crazy world!

I’ve raised two separate generations of kids! It seems so crazy, but the age range between my kids is 15 1/2 all the way up to 40!  I can tell you for sure, times have changed.

Parenting has changed from the way back…which isn’t all that way back, but to some it may be. HA!

There have always been general safety guidelines we have taught our daughters (our sons too) while growing up.  You already know them and teach them to your kids I’m sure.

  • Don’t talk to strangers
  • Always look for someone in a uniform when you are lost
  • Wear a helmet when you ride a bike
  • Look both ways before you cross the street

You know these!

These of course are important, but what about as the kids get older…the simple things become more complicated and complex.

Serious talks must happen more often…very serious in order to keep our kids safe.

By the time our young people are ready to go into college they should have a firm grasp at how to stay safe.

Like I said…over the years our safety rules and suggestions have changed, only becoming more serious as the years go by.  We must not stick our head in the sand and pretend that we live in a safe world.  With a son now in his junior year of college, one daughter being a Senior this year and heading off to college and another a couple of years behind her (not to mention grandkids that will be coming up!)…I want to equip them with the tools needed to keep them safe.

No we don’t want to scare them…well maybe a little BUT we do need to teach…

How to Keep Students Safe in a Crazy World

1.  Don’t go places alone: Ok so at some time or another, your teen is going to go somewhere alone and of course they need to in order to be independent. BUT, whenever possible, students should try to do things in pairs at the very least.  Especially while they are learning to navigate there surroundings and handle different situations. Two heads are better than one…usually 😉

2.  Always let someone know where you are!: This is sooo important.  If people don’t know where you are, then how can you get help if anything were to happen.  Which leads me into this AMAZING review of WearSafe!  I am sooo super excited to tell you about this fantastic personal safety device! It is so simple to use and very discreet…

One of the things I like most is that it keeps teens and college students in control of a situation.  This little device is one press away from getting your teen the help they need when they feel threatened.

Some of the features:

  • GPS information – recognizes if you are traveling, moving or stationary but that alone is not enough information because teens are always on the move…
  • Audio from the scene – push of button sends audio file of 60 seconds before any ‘event’.  Which is so important because being able to hear what is going on gives the context of what is happening.
  • Group chat – Your Teen/College student chooses WHO will be part of their team.  All those in selected network are in group chat if WearSafe is pressed and creates a virtual situation room.  As a group they can then address how to help this person in distress and assess the situation.

I love the group chat feature! As a parent I may panic, but if my kids had friends in their network on at the same time, then we could as a group decide if we needed to call 911 or not and if someone was nearby to check up on them.

For an older teen or college student in a distress situation, it can be difficult to seek help and access your phone. By using the power of your phone to alert friends and family, the Wearsafe Tag sends them all the above info while keeping your phone—your lifeline—out of sight.

Just before we received the WearSafe Tag to review, my daughter was telling me about an app that you could download for safety.  She said you just download and then while you are going for a walk or something you hold your finger on the app…If you let your finger up, an alert goes out.  Ummm what?  I applaud the effort to create this app BUT I bet you can see the problem…what if you drop your phone or what if it gets knocked out of your hand!

With the WearSafe Tag your phone can be as far as 200 ft away from you and the app will still work!  This is FANTASTIC!

There is a $5 monthly fee for the WearSafe App but the device itself is FREE, in my opinion it’s a very small fee to pay for keeping my kids safe.

3.  Teach them to follow their instincts/heart: There is nothing more important than teaching kids to listen to their hearts.  If something doesn’t seem right…then it’s pretty sure it’s not…FLEE immediately!

4.  Avoid risky company: Well not much to explain here.  Many times, some of the company that our students can keep is putting them at risk. Stay with safe people.

5.  When getting into a car, make sure nobody is in the back seat and lock the door the second you get into the car.

6.  Always leave one ear “unplugged” when using headphones when jogging, walking, biking etc. so you can hear your surroundings.

I know that it is unpleasant to talk about safety sometimes and as a parent of 7 i KNOW we MUST not let our imagination get the better of us.  Otherwise we could live in paralyzing fear that could keep our kids from growing up and it’s no good for us too.

Do what you can, use the advance technologies, common sense and friendships to Keep Students Safe in a Crazy World.

What tips would you give parents about safety?  Would your kids wear one of these?

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