Bacon Wrapped Grilled Wings

Course Appetizer
Cuisine Chicken
Prep Time 5 minutes
Cook Time 10 minutes
Total Time 15 minutes
Servings 10
Author Shari Lynne


  • •Tyson Grillin Wings
  • in •Bacon cut half
  • tsp •1 . Garlic Seasoning Salt any brand
  • •2 Tblsp. Butter
  • •Pineapple optional
  • •Decorative Toothpicks optional


  1. Melt Butter and Garlic Seasoning together in microwave.
  2. Place Frozen Tyson Grillin Wings on heated Medium Grill…yes I said frozen! Yay!
  3. Brush with Garlic Butter
  4. Cook only a minute or two and turn. Then brush Garlic Butter on other side. Cook again only for a minute or two again.
  5. Remove from Grill and wrap each one with half slice of Bacon
  6. Now Brush with Butter one more time..just a little
  7. Now place under a broiler for about 3 minutes or until Bacon is cooked to your liking.. Turn once and continue to broil till other side is done to your liking
  8. Remove from oven and if you are using Pineapple and Decorative Toothpicks
  9. Place into chicken wings.