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How to Use the Target Cartwheel App and Save a Ton!

It’s an expensive time of the year…HA when isn’t it an expensive time!  With many getting back from vacations and pocket books TIGHT, there is STILL back to school shopping to get done.  Clothing, toiletries, hair cuts and school must haves add up to big money…especially if you have more than one! I’m going to show you how to use the Target Cartwheel App and save a ton though!

I’m super excited to share with you a great way to save even MORE money today! With minimum work…honestly… almost NONE!  Some of you may be combing the flyers, clipping coupons, eCoupons and checking the newspapers.. BUT Target has a fun and super easy to use App called Target Cartwheel.


The Target Cartwheel Coupons App is also for those that HATE to clip coupons or look through ads because ALL of your savings are right on your phone! Yep! Either way you win!

So here is how the Target Cartwheel App works:

First download the App from what ever App store you have for your phone.

Then open up the App and sign in.  You gotta sign in! LOL I always forget.  I know..big surprise.

Click on the Cart at the left corner and you will be able to pull up different options.

cartwheel 10

Click on the Offers and you will have a choice to go to the area of merchandise you are looking for discounts on.  This day I was focused on “Beauty” and after I clicked Beauty it gave me an option to get more detailed. Yay!  I don’t like to sort through things that I don’t want to buy that day.  I want to get straight to the savings for what I’m purchasing.

cartwheel 11

There is also a search feature.  When you find the items that you want to save, you simply ADD to your Cart.

Cartwheel AveenoI was shopping for Aveeno, Listerine and Neutrogena and other Johnson and Johnson products because they are on sale through August 15th and with back to school shopping, beauty is big in my house!

My faves on the list this week were the AVEENO® Daily Moisturizing Sheer Hydration Lotion (My kids have super sensitive skin and this works really well for us), NEUTROGENA® Body Oil (LOVE to add to my hot baths so my skin doesn’t dry out!) and the LISTERINE® COOL MINT™ Floss (great dental floss that is strong and removes up to 61% more plaque than with Glide® Mint Floss.)


So here’s the thing also, if you forget to add anything to your Target Cartwheel before you go to the store, NO WORRIES…you simply click on the Scan Product from the drop down menu and a bar scanner pops up and you Scan the product at the store..it will put it in your “cart” with the savings discount, so that when you get to the register to pay..it’s already in there!  I did this at home..but you get the idea.

cartwheel 7

Target is extremely generous too! You can do what is called “stacking”.  This is when you have the savings say from your Target Cartwheel App AND you add a manufacturers coupon on top of that!  Double discount.  Many stores won’t let you do this!  AND you get even MORE savings if you use your Target RedCard! 

When you get up to the register you simply have your personal bar code ready to go and they scan it…and boom..

screenshot of target cartwheel app

Cha Ching!

Cartwheel 1

I opened a brand new account so that I could show you how Target Cartwheel works…that why there’s only .35 cents savings right now on this screenshot.  The $$ adds up quick, especially when you can save on sooo many things!

Bring everything home and watch it disappear!





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