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I’m so excited to be part of an awesome Blog Hop to promote Marie Wikle’s new book Spreading Joy Daily.   I’ve been following Marie on her Social Media sites for a couple years and guess what?  She knows just how to spread joy!

spreading joy

We live in a world that is so very scary sometimes, so very sad sometimes and so very negative sometimes.  Yet depending on the color of our glasses, the world can really be quite beautiful! 

I think though, that we don’t know where to start in order to see the beautiful.  How do we change the world?  How do we make a difference in this world that we live in.  Who has the time?  Who has the money?

Let’s not believe that lie! 

We CAN make a difference!

Marie reminds us of the simple joy of giving and in Spreading Joy Daily,  she gives us ONE small idea that we can do at a no cost/low cost every single day throughout the year to Spread Joy!   

Just think..one small thing that can make ONE BIG DIFFERENCE!

Spreading Joy Daily forward says…

“Helping you to make a difference where you are, with what you have.  We want to rise above the discouragements of high prices, the obstacle of dead ends and the disappointment of our comfort zone.  We want to be the change that is so desperately needed and We you to experience the same.”

I love that she has suggestions for groups to use her book too!  Can you imagine the huge impact that could have in our world!?

A sample of one of Marie’s suggestions is “January 20 – Waldo is Hiding from Seniors too!  Where’s Waldo? Take these puzzle books to a nursing home!  Many residents there will love spending time looking for Waldo and his friends…”  LOVE IT!

Spreading Joy Daily is PACKED with fun and totally affordable and creative ways to.. well…Spread JOY Daily! 

Marie loves to spread joy so much that she has given us 50 MORE FREE ways to spread joy without spending a penny.  Yep..nothing..but giving of ourselves..we can give that can’t we?

She has created these fun cards to hand out…should you have some extra pocket change or more and would like to bless someone say with a coffee or a meal!  I love it!  She will send you 12 of these cards for FREE if you mail as SASE.


Just to let you know, 100% of the purchase profits goes right back into helping others.  They have zero paid employees as everyone, including Marie, is a volunteer.  They just love encouraging others and giving back.

You would love to follow Marie and Spreading Joy Daily on their social media..so go ahead..follow!

Twitter – https://twitter.com/spreadingJOY

Facebook – https://facebook.com/spreadingjoycorp

Pinterest – https://www.pinterest.com/mariewikle/

Marie is also giving one of my readers her book with Cards!  So to make it super dooper easy, just give us one of YOUR ideas for spreading joy! 

Winners will be chosen June 10 by random.org!

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  1. I like to keep the joy going in our family by regularly watching funny movies, the older the better! Three Stooges, or Little Rascals or I Love Lucy is always fun and keeps things uplifted.

    1. I love that Lee! We too watch many of those funny oldies..I love Lucy, Andy Griffith, Leave it to Beaver!! LOVE!! We also do a lot of laughing around here…good for your for spreading joy!

    2. Thanks Lee,

      we love doing that as well. kids tend to miss out on classics like that if we don’t introduce them.

      Thank you for taking the time to read over this article and comment!


  2. Hey Shari!! ((Hugs)) For me…I love acting silly with my kids. Dancing around or doing something else they find embarassing! 🙂 As long as there are none of their friends around to witness this silly behavior, they really enjoy it – although it may be difficult to get the tweens and teens to admit that out loud….but their smiles and the light in their eyes give them away. 😉

    1. Oh Colleen you and I must be secret Sisters for sure!! We can know what is going on in each others houses without even talking to each other! LOL We know they LOVE it don’t we! LOL! Blessings!

    2. Colleen,

      love love love doing this too! stomping through mud puddles and just enjoying each day to the fullest!!

      Thank you for taking the time to read over this article and comment!


  3. We ( Our family) do a few small projects each month–one is the food bank– each of my five kiddos help one of the senior that distribute food to who ever needs it. Its added a real bound for each of the volunteers and each one my children– The elderly volunteers love having my kids help them and in turn they have each acquired a new Gma or Gpa figure. We have two little older ladies that are always wanting my 10 yrs. old son, so he splits his 2 1/2 hrs between them. In the long run — it is a joy for all of us– and my kiddos are learning the service work they do is so important to our community. Sometimes just giving of ourselves bring more enjoy to others, like a smile ,and how ya doing today.

    1. You ROCK Dianna! What an awesome example you are to your kids to promote giving and spreading joy. I think it is wonderful that they get to participate in the joy of giving and experience that it truly IS better to give than receive! Have a blessed week!

    2. Dianna, this is awesome! starting them out early like this will help them to be givers their entire lives! yay YOU!!

      Thank you for taking the time to read over this article and comment!


    1. Aww I love that! Such an easy thing to do that means so very much Leela! Have a blessed week and thank you for stopping by 😀

    2. Leela this is always a sweet thing to do!!

      Thank you for taking the time to read over this article and comment!


  4. Shari, thank you so much for being part of this blog hop! I truly appreciate you introducing Spreading Joy to your world!


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