Loaded Bacon Twinkies

I wrote this review and recipe while participating in a campaign for Mom Central Consulting on behalf of Hostess.  I received samples and a promotional item to thank me for participating!

I’m so excited to partner with Hostess and Mom Central to create a unique recipe just for Twinkies!  Loaded Bacon Twinkies as a matter of fact!  Calling all of you Sweet and Salty fans!

Loaded Bacon Twinkies

Do you ever get those cravings for some good ol fashioned childhood goodies?  I’m thinking like..TWINKIES!  I remember a while back when it was a national crisis when Hostess stopped making Twinkies!  Yes I said CRISIS!  People were going to the store and buying up as many boxes of Twinkies as they could get their hands on!  I wonder if they still have some of those Twinkies! LOL

We don’t have to stress about this very important piece of our heritage though because Hostess Twinkies made a come back a year ago and the assembly lines are a rolling!! Yay!

To celebrate the come back of Twinkies, Hostess has created The Twinkies Cookbook AND YOU have a chance to be a part of the next chapter of Twinkies History!!   They are on a nationwide hunt enter the BEST Twinkie recipes in their cookbook! 

I’m late in announcing this BUT you have until the end of today, July 31 to get your recipes entered..now after you check out my deelish and easy Loaded Bacon Twinkies run to the store and create your own deelishousness!  I’m sure that’s a word!

Submit your recipe at hostesscakes.com!! Recipes will be chosen and be in the 2015 Twinkie Cookbook just in time to celebrate 85 years of Twinkies!

On with the Sweet and Salty yumminess of

Loaded Bacon Twinkies!

Loaded Bacon Twinkies


4 Twinkies

8 Bacon strips


Ok this could not be any simpler but oooh is it ever good.  Cook up 4 of the 8 bacon strips to crisp and then crumble!

Loaded Bacon Twinkies #TwinkieCookbook #Sponsored #MC

Cut the 4 Twinkies in half.

Loaded Bacon Twinkies #TwinkieCookbook #Sponsored #MC

Now sprinkle a bunch of bacon on each half…sort of squish it down to get into that yummy cream filling.

Loaded Bacon Twinkies #TwinkieCookbook #Sponsored #MC

Now put the halves together..not much bacon spill out if you’ve squished down Smile

Loaded Bacon Twinkies #TwinkieCookbook #Sponsored #MC

This is the only little tricky part. Cook the other 4 pieces of bacon to crisp..after you remove from pan just blot real quick to remove excess grease.  Then wrap around the Twinkie!  Set aside and do the next one.  The bacon will harden around the Twinkie, holding it together!

Loaded Bacon Twinkies #TwinkieCookbook #Sponsored #MC

That’s it!! Now eat!  This is a Bacon Lovers dream!  Sweet and Salty! Yum!

Loaded Bacon Twinkies #TwinkieCookbook #Sponsored #MC

Twinkie Fun Fact:

On average, Hostess has produced 500 million Twinkies annually, but since returning to the shelves last July, demand has been tremendous, pushing us past that milestone faster than ever,” said William Toler, President and CEO at Hostess Brands, LLC.

So eat Twinkies knowing that you are in the company of 500 million others!  Add the Bacon for a new twist! HA!

Enjoy!  3456789

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