100 Free Fitness Apps to Keep You Inspired and Motivated!

I kinda love me some Apps. Let me just say it right up front. I love paper…but I love apps for doing things quick! Taking good care of our health is a time consuming task.  It takes time to shop for food, prep food, record food in our food journal and make the necessary tweaks to have the success we desire. I created this list of 100 free apps to keep you inspired and motivated this year in your healthy life journey!

As busy Moms its SO IMPORTANT to take good care of ourselves above all else. So I wanted to make it easier for you to find what you need and simply download 🙂

UPDATE: I’ve removed many of the apps since I first posted this wonderful list.  I didn’t feel that some of them were working properly or reliable.

So if you wondered what is the best free exercise app? I got you!

running fitness to keep you inspired and motivated

I have not used all of these apps. Some I’ve used and then didn’t find they were what I was looking for so I uninstalled from my phone. Many I’ve not used at all..

These are also not meant to replace a good food journal. (I can show you how to rock a food journal) I found I had better success using both!

These 100 Fitness Apps are all Free and are sure to keep you motivated and inspired!

Don’t get overwhelmed with so many apps. Each link hops over to Amazon so you can check each one out for a full description and to see how many stars and ratings it has. Then you can decide which is best for you!

  1. Lose It! – Free
  2. Calorie Counter and Diet Tracker by MyFitnessPal – Free ~ and one of my all time favorites!
  3. Monitor Your Weight – Free
  4. Weight Watchers Points Calculator & Tracker – Free ~ Love this one too!
  5. BMI Calculator – Weight Loss – Free ~ great for making sure you are on track
  6. Weight Loss Tracker – Free
  7. Calorie Counter – Free
  8. FitBit – Free ~ If you have a FitBit this one is a must!
  9. Easy Weight Tracker – Free
  10. Weight Loss Yoga – Free

It’s really quite an eye opener when you see how much or how little exercise we are getting. It’s really best to face it head on and not be in denial about it. We’ve all heard about the different ways we can improve our steps per day. Park farther away, climb the stairs instead of elevator etc.

The very BEST way though to keep track of our steps with an app that tracks our steps throughout the day. Then there is no room for denial. Use one of these apps or use a fitness tracker for the very best results! Many fitness trackers now sync with lots of different apps.

LETSCOM Fitness Tracker HR, Heart Rate Monitor Watch with Sleep Monitor Step Counter Pedometer, Waterproof Smart Fitness Watch, Activity Tracker for Kids Women and MenLETSCOM Fitness Tracker HR, Heart Rate Monitor Watch with Sleep Monitor Step Counter Pedometer, Waterproof Smart Fitness Watch, Activity Tracker for Kids Women and MenLETSCOM Fitness Tracker HR, Heart Rate Monitor Watch with Sleep Monitor Step Counter Pedometer, Waterproof Smart Fitness Watch, Activity Tracker for Kids Women and Men

Better yet! Get the WHOLE family involved with fitness by getting everyone a fitness tracker.

  1. Calorie Counter by FatSecret – Free
  2. Workout Trainer – Free
  3. Abs Workout – Free
  4. Weight Tracker Free Fitness Journal – Free
  5. Moms Into Fitness – Free
  6. Daily Burn Video Workouts – Free
  7. Weight Watchers Points – Free
  8. Yoga for Weight Loss – Free
  9. Nexercise – Free
  10. Fat Burning Yoga – Free
  11. BMI Calculator – Free
  12. Simple Weight Tracker – Free
  13. Extreme Weight TrainerPro – Free
  14. Free Weight Loss Cardio Workout App – Free
  15. Fast Food Nutrition Points – Free

Fitness for family ~ 2 boys playing tag

  1. Weight Loss in 9 Weeks – Free
  2. Daily Workouts – Free
  3. Calorie Counter and Diet Tracker by SparkPeople – Free
  4. 7 Minutes Workout Assistant – Free
  5. Weight Tracker – Free
  6. WW Tools – Free
  7. Simple Scale – Free
  8. Yoga-pedia – Free
  9. Weight Loss Diary – Free
  10. Pacer Pedometer for Weight Loss – Free
  11. BariatricPal – Free
  12. Withings Health Mate – Free
  13. 7 Minute Full Workout – Free
  14. Fitness Pal – Free
  15. Daily Ab Workout – Free
  16. Couch to 5K – Free
  17. Simply Yoga – Free
  18. Monitor Your Weight Loss – Free
  19. Weight Loss Boot Camp – Free
  20. My Weight Loss Coach – Free

What is a good workout app  for beginners?

Honestly most of these have lot’s of different levels you can try out. Many of these apps are made for personal growth so that they meet and start you where you are.

Just to let you know, there are LOTS of  alternatives for working out! If you have an Amazon Prime Membership, they have a TON of workout videos of every kind for FREE! From beginners to advanced.

If you don’t have an Amazon Prime Membership, you need to get one! Free videos, books, magazines, FREE 2 day shipping on EVERYTHING.  Ok back to fitness…I just LOVE my Prime.  You can Try Amazon Prime 30-Day Free Trial! It’s worth it friend!

  1. Weight Loss and Fitness Tools – Free
  2. iExercise Journal – Free
  3. 100 Pushups – Free
  4. Daily Arm Workout – Free
  5. JEFIT – Free
  6. Just 6 Weeks Lite – Free
  7. My Diet Coach – Free
  8. VirtuaGym – Free
  9. Daily Cardio Workout – Free
  10. GYM Workout Fitness – Free
  11. Daily Leg Workout – Free
  12. Circuit Training Assistant – Free
  13. 200 Situps – Free
  14. Ultimate Core Workout – Free
  15. Body Stretching Guide – Free
  16. Workout Timer – Free
  17. Stretching Flex – Free
  18. Daily Yoga Fitness-On-The-Go – Free
  19. Pedometer App – Free
  20. Yoga for Beginners – Free
  21. FitYou – Free
  22. Ladies Abs Workout – Free
  23. C25K 5K Trainer – Free
  24. Exercise Tracker for Fitness – Free
  25. My Fitness Pal Guide – Free
  26. C25K – Free
  27. Dance Fitness – Free
  28. Extreme Fitness Tracker – Free
  29. Simple Workout Tracker – Free
  30. Personal Trainer – Free
  31. Map My Run GPS Run Tracking – Free
  32. iCross Fitness – Free
  33. Accupedo Pedometer – Free


I would LOVE to hear which ones you try or if you have one to add to the list that you love that I don’t have!

Need more inspiration and motivation along your Healthy Self Care Journey?

How to Rock a Food Journal & Be Honest with Yourself

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