You Don’t Choose Your Calling – God Does

You don’t choose your calling..God does.  So what do you think about that?  Does it make you want to rebel?  Are you relieved?  Or both? LOL 

Shhhh don’t tell anyone..but I’m a rebeller..not as much as I used to..but still … I have those days.. Most days however I have a profound sense of relief that God has a plan for me and “He knows the way I take.”

God has given us a free will for sure…and within each calling,  He gives us freedom to choose how that will look.  I mean there are lot’s of different kinds of Dr’s right?  Lots of different kinds of business owners right?  and LOTS of different kinds of Moms  😉

Have you ever thought about your Mom calling?  How different we all are and yet how the same we are? 

Bloom Where You Are Planted

I settled in my heart long ago and accepted God’s invitation to be a Mom..I even enjoy it ..most of the time..LOL  But there was a time when I struggled with being a Mom.  I did a lot of comparing with other Moms and can tell you  that I just was not measuring up!  Oh I knew that I shouldn’t compare and I knew that God had chosen me to be just the right Mom for my kids..but…Why didn’t I have all those gifts and talents that other Moms had?  Or why didn’t I have that un ending energy some seemed to have? 

When God called me to have more children..I was not too happy with it.. Are you kidding me God..more kids..Ummm I thought 4 was plenty! LOL 

After I had 3 more kids..I was sure that God had made a big mistake.  More comparing…

I have finally gotten to the point where I have accepted that how God has created me is just perfect..and how I mother my kids and the choices we make for our family are in line with Gods will..perfectly for me..


I found myself just the other day feeling like I was not doing a good job again.. It was because I was comparing myself..only for a minute..but still..It brought me down. 

Let me tell you how it all started…

I opened up my email inbox one morning last week and there it subscription for Ann Voskamp’s A Holy Experience blog.  Oh how I love to click on over to her’s peaceful and her words go down like morsels of the Lord speaking himself sometimes to this heart of mine…She uses words that make me think..ponder..  Even when I am pressed for I love to just scroll through her beautiful pictures..and just relax with a cup of coffee…for a minute. 

Anyway this one morning. I popped open my email and started reading about Ann’s trip to Haiti and there was her family…ministering.. it was so beautiful. 

And I began to think…why isn’t MY family doing that?  What kind of a Mother am I?  This is what REAL Christians with REAL Godly kids do…

No I’m not kidding…There I was comparing.  It had been a long time since I had fallen into this trap.  I think it’s easy sometimes to fall into the trap of comparing..when you admire someone..don’t you?  Her Mom heart touches my Mom heart..

But God quickly reminded me.. “I have not called you to this work”  Not now anyway I thought.  It made me examine if I was in the will of I fulfilling God’s calling in MY life.. Am I bringing up my children in the way of the Lord and teaching them to be all that God has created THEM to be.

This all really came about because of the little post I did about a week ago..regarding an email I sent to my daughters coach.  I started thinking how worldly and petty I had been in light of situations like Haiti.

Then God reminded me again.. “I have not called you to this work” not yet..I like to think..

I thought about how my big kids went on mission trips.. I thought about how my 16 year old and 14 year old are servants in there church and how they love people.  I thought about how another coach said to my daughter just the other day “you are a leader and I need you..the other girls look up to you”  Jesus shines in her..

God’s favor rests on those who diligently love and serve Him I have found..and not just in third world countries..but right in the very town we live..So I will serve Him with all my heart and raise my children as arrows.

I will be the Mom that God has called me to be.  I won’t rebel and I won’t compare.  I will rest and rejoice… Because I didn’t choose my calling..God did.. and I’m happy to serve Him in the way that He has created me..

And by the way..I don’t have any COOL pictures like Ann does on her blog!  So I’ve been saving up for a new camera..and I’m going to copycat her and take more pictures!  Not so I can compare myself to her..but because those pictures are just plain COOL and I want to do that! LOL  Now isn’t that what learning and growing are all about… LOL  I thought of all the pictures that I could have taken while my kids were serving the Lord in their everyday,  ordinary lives…you would have loved them..

So my friends don’t compare yourselves to others..   Because God has a special call on your life that only you can fulfill Smile




  1. says

    I do believe He has a plan for each of us. I know I heard him call me to be a SAHM and quit teaching in the classroom. Now I am trying to listen very hard for what His plans are for me when the kids start school. It’s kind of scary, but I know if I listen hard enough, the answer will be there.

  2. Cindy says

    Thanks Shari for the timely words of wisdom! I have been going thru a little dilemma and this brought back the truth i needed to hear. “ITS GOD’S PLAN” not mine. All i have to do is follow it. :)

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