Tomato Plants

We had such a short and late summer here in the Pacific Northwest that my tomato plants have just not produced.   The sun will be shining and it will be above normal temps.  this week.  Come on tomato plants this is your last chance to squeeze out some fruit!!








So these are my little tomatoes that I ended up with:(  Oh well,  maybe Mr. Sunshine will shine more next summer:)


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    Good luck!
    I planted just a couple in an upside down grower this year… My son kept picking them before they’d turn red – he loves tomatoes! Thankfully his papaw has a few plants we got tomatoes from.

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      My kids barely know that I’ve planted these, I planted them in my flower garden this years! Just for fun to see how they would do. They are growing well but we have just had such poor weather this year:(
      Thanks for commenting!

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