The Blog Workshop-A Conference for Every Blogger! Ticket Sales End May 10! Limited Space!

I don’t often talk “about” Blogging..I usually just “do” Blogging!  I guess I figure that I should leave that to the “Professionals” LOL   But… Sometimes I just get REALLY excited about Bloggy stuff and just can’t keep my mouth shut!  Like the The Blog Workshop coming up May 17-19, 2013!  
I really just stumbled upon the world of Blogging a couple of years ago..before then I had never even heard of the term “Blogging”  I started researching what Blogging was and found that some Bloggers were making “real” money and thought “hey..I’m going to give it a whirl.”  
I had felt for years that I was suppose to be writing, and friends had encouraged me to write a book..HA..but who has time right?  LOL   So I started out Blogging as an outlet for writing and a way to make a “little” money to help support my kids expensive Sports habit..LOL  AND there very expensive eating habit..Umm they are teens!  I have now been Blogging for almost 2 years and I have found that indeed there is some money to be made!  Yippee. 
Oh don’t get me wrong..I truly Blog because I love to write..and I love the relationships formed and I love being helpful and encouraging.  Even if I never made any $$ I would still Blog because I feel that is what God wants me to be doing…But along the way if I can make a little $$ to help my family pay the bills..then we feel this is a great investment of my time! 
Recently I have had an even bigger realization about my Blogging and that is,  this could actually become a profession for me.. a “real” one!

The Blog Workshop is where Blogging Meets Business! 

That is exciting to me!

So what is the The Blog Workshop you might ask?  It’s an online Blogging Conference just for Blogging Peeps or Wanna Be’s  like you and me.  Who can’t afford, for one reason or another,  to spend the time or money right now to fly somewhere and pay hotel and conference costs.  Some of you may even have a little tiny nursing baby doll at home which makes going to an out of town Conference truly unrealistic right now.
Or maybe you are interested in Blogging as a viable income which enables you to stay home and I was..but you just don’t know what it entails or where to start or even..where it will lead?!
Well I’m jumpin for joy because I get to go to The Blog Workshop with some of my Fave “Professionals” as kidding!  They have a an awesome agenda with much to learn with speakers from IZEA, Blog-Trends, Attorney Jeneba Ghatt, Blogads, Sverve CEO Rohit Vashisht,  Holly Hamann from TapInfluence and more…

I’m so excited to be able to go to a high quality Blog Conference from the comfort of my own home this year…at a totally affordable price!

Want to go to The Blog Workshop with me? 

Well hop on over to register…Space is LIMITED and ticket sales end May 10

The registration price is $175 BUT if you use code TBW25HURRY you will get an additional $25 off!  Yay! 

Does this still sound unaffordable?  Well The Blog Workshop has still made it possible for you to join by offering a payment plan!  Now that ROCKS! 

I told you that they are dedicated to seeing Bloggers succeed!!

Not enough excitement…They will also be giving away prizes!!!

Like video blogging equipment, LLC packages from LegalZoom and more.

How’s That!? 😀

Join me at The Blog Workshop!  Virtually that is!

Still more questions?  You can get them answered here


(this post contains an affiliate link for registration..which means if you register through my link I get a little cashola to feed my hungry kids and let them play competitive sports at no extra cost to you…full disclosure..thank you!)


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