Honoring My Girls for Their Athletic Achievements #PlayLikeAGirl

Championship #PlayLikeaGirl

I am honoring my girls athletic achievements that I am most proud of as part of a sponsored conversation for Verizon’s #FiOSFootballGirl campaign. #PlayLikeAGirl My kids were driving me crazy…it was pouring down rain outside and as with any homeschooling family, my house was in utter disarray with tunnels and tents everywhere. Crafts and toys… 

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Mom, Mother, Mama..It’s an Action Word..When to Step In


There are so many things to consider when being a parent, a Mom , aren’t there?   I mean so many responsibilities,  so many choices,  so much heart work in ourselves and in our children.  When to say yes..when to say no..when to say wait..  Then there are the times when we have to make… 

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