Frozen Personal Size Pizza With Homemade Dough


  I have been making Frozen Personal Size Pizza With Homemade Dough like crazy this Summer!  Every time I ask the kids what they want for a snack, for dinner, for lunch, for breakfast…the answer.. PIZZA!  Oh my goodness..I was growing weary of making so much pizza!  You know me..gotta find an easier way! So… 

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Faith Filled Humor


It’s almost 2014 and I’m determined to have a more joyful heart than ever.  After all it’s good medicine isn’t it?  So take a break..sit back for just a few minutes and enjoy Faith Filled Humor.  Not all faith stuff..but clean and funny!   Let’s start this party post off with a “BANG” literally! LOL… 

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Do Your Kids Know That Jesus Was Born to a Virgin?


We were driving to our family Christmas party this weekend and along the way the subject came up about Jesus Virgin birth.  My 15 year old daughter pipes up and says “What?  How can that happen?  Didn’t Mary and Joseph have sex?” Are you kidding me??!!  Why in the world doesn’t my FIFTEEN year old… 

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Just Dance Kids 2014 Video Game by Ubisoft


    As the kids get bigger and time rolls by,  I continually look for ways to connect with my teens.  My son will graduate from High School this year and my daughters will not be far behind.  Teens can be Oh so “sensitive” especially girls.  Between Hormones and learning to be independent but still… 

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More LunchBox Love Notes – Free Printable


Well today my girls are back to school and my son tomorrow.  Boo Hoo….he’s a senior this year!  To encourage them now and then,  I will be making lots of  LunchBox Love Notes to hide in lunches, on pillows, in the bathroom, in the frig….anywhere!  The years go by fast…encourage those babydolls of yours! Please… 

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Adventures in Odyssey ACTS–90 Devotions for Kids Giveaway!


Are you ready for your next encouragement from Adventures in Odyssey ACTS for the Summer…do you remember what ACTS stands for? A Call To Serve Well this month the theme is Grow in your walk with God every day!  To celebrate, Tyndale House and Adventures in Odyssey are giving away this awesome 90 Devotions for… 

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10 Printable Car Travel Games and Ideas for Kids

10 Printable Car Travel Games and Ideas for Kids

I’ve been thinking about vacation…and thinking about how we no longer have our big van for the kids to spread out and have some space for long drives anymore.   Teens don’t really want to do much except sleep and listen to music in the car or play silly word games..but I was thinking about when… 

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Braces Then, Invisalign Now


Disclaimer:  The following is a sponsored post.  I was compensated for my time and talent However all opinions are 100% mine. My daughter is in need of braces…She is sooo cute,  but she has a little gap between her front top teeth..I think it’s so cute and a lot of famous people have that cute… 

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Fun and Useful Gardening Printables and Downloads! For Free!


Well I was hoping to show you some of my Vegetable/Flower Garden today..but it has been raining, raining, raining for the last week or so! Boo Hoo!  Soo I thought it would fun to offer you some great Fun and Useful Gardening Printable and Downloads!  For Free!  Oh and here’s a picture of my Veggies… 

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The Seattle Art Museum Presents SAM Camp


A special announcement for all my local peeps AND all of their friends in the Seattle Area! Seattle Art Museum Presents SAM Camp Three weeks of fun-filled imagination and creativity, designed for children in grades 1–5!  Each week is a different experience. Attend one week or all three.  Your kids will make art and new… 

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Mom, Mother, Mama..It’s an Action Word..When to Step In


There are so many things to consider when being a parent, a Mom , aren’t there?   I mean so many responsibilities,  so many choices,  so much heart work in ourselves and in our children.  When to say yes..when to say no..when to say wait..  Then there are the times when we have to make… 

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