Mom, Mother, Mama..It’s an Action Word..When to Step In


There are so many things to consider when being a parent, a Mom , aren’t there?   I mean so many responsibilities,  so many choices,  so much heart work in ourselves and in our children.  When to say yes..when to say no..when to say wait..  Then there are the times when we have to make… 

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Family Fitness is Fun


So here we are,  full into the holiday season.  Rich foods,  lots of sweets,  kids on school break and antsy for Christmas!  Now what?   Around here we try to fit in some family fitness fun. I’m no fitness guru by any means,  but one thing I know is that if our family doesn’t do something… 

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Caring for the Elderly during the Holidays


Don’t Forget about Grandma and Grandpa in the rush of the holiday season! This last weekend was a whirl wind of activity.  We had 2 girls in a Basketball tournament (which means 8 games!)  AND my son came down with a fever of 103 degrees.  In the busyness of life,   I confess,   we signed up… 

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Parenting Plan: Offense or Defense?


  Not long ago we were at a dinner with a group of people all having a very interesting conversation.  We were having a discussion regarding  “schooling.”  In other words,   were my children in public school or did we homeschool. We have homeschooled,   Christian schooled and are presently public schooling.  When I shared that our… 

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Traveling Sports Menu


This is my first list…on my blog anyway.  I was challenged after reading Sonia’s post at Logallot about making lists.  I just decided to give a little background as to why I need this list During sports season (which happens to be 9 months out of the year)  we do alot of traveling on the weekends. … 

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A Joyful Heart is Good Medicine


Ok,  so I took my 13 year old daughter to the  Dr.’s office for  what else a “sports” physical.  Anyway,  they first weighed her and then got her height.  Then she went on over to the eye chart to have her vision tested.  The nurse told her “ok,  cover the left eye and see what line… 

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Sports! Here We Go Again!

Well,  Cross Country has started and Basketball will be starting soon.  It seems as though Basketball just got over.  Oh,  wait a minute,  it DID!    Basketball starts at the end of September and ends in June for us.  Yup,  you read that right.  And so starts my love/hate relationship all over again:) The anticipation of… 

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