Send a Flying Card

Yep you read that right!  You can send a flying card in the mail these days.  It’s fun,  fast and unique!  Most of all people will enjoy something fresh and new!

So the other day I was working around the house and knock, knock on my door.  One of my kids goes running to answer it..because they are sure it’s someone for them..but it’s not.  Right there on my front porch is a flying card!  Now I bet you are just dying to know what in the world is a flying card?

Well instead of describing it,  I’ll show you:


You got’s a frisbee.  What fun!  Everyone loves frisbees! offers their patrons to send a unique,  one of a kind frisbee printed with a message or logo of your choice to the receiver. 

What’s even better is that the price is very reasonable!  For $9.99 you can send this with your personalized logo and that includes shipping and handling!

My kids thought this was a really cool card to get delivered to there you can see my daughter is getting ready to fling it to a friend out in the drive 7:00 in the morning!

Some ideas you might use this for is…birthday invites for a beach party,  house warming,  retirement..well the list could go on and on.  If you lack for creative ideas Send a Flying Card has plenty of them.



One thing that I’ve got to say is that I was so impressed with the public relations and customer service that I have received from the very first contact I have had with them..Let me show you my Frisbee>>>>>>

Notice anything…It’s got my very own website logo on it!  I didn’t even ask to have that put on there..Send a Flying Card thinks of everything.  That’s the kind of company I like to work with and order from! 

You can also “like” and “follow” Send a Flying Card on Facebook & Twitter!

Thanks so much for the opportunity to review this fun product! I was given a free frisbee from Send a Flying Card.  All opinions however are my very own.


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      Isn’t it so DM! And yes that was my only thought about the poor postal didn’t fit in my mailbox so the postal carrier had to actually walk up to my door to deliver :( Thanks for stopping by! Blessings!

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      Hey that’s a really cute idea too..we would have alot of frisbees too :) Although 2 of my kids at home no longer qualify for kids hoo $$$
      Thanks for stopping by Ginny!

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