Proverbs 31:25 She Can Laugh at the Days to Come

When I first started my blog 4 years ago, I was privileged to join with some other bloggers and do a blog hop series called “10 days of Proverbs”.  Since that time most bloggers have quit blogging or their links are no longer valid.  Right now my family is going through some hard stuff and one of the things I learned long ago was when you are going through it…look back at all of the ways that God has blessed you and been faithful to you.

Proverbs 31-25 She Can Laugh at the Days to Come

So I’m reviving this series and calling it Proverbs 31:25 ~ She Can Laugh at the Days to Come (that was my section of scripture in the blog hop)  I pray that this series will be a blessing to you as we laugh together at the days to come.

I also pray the Lord will bless you richly and you will see how personal our God can be in achieving Godly character in all of us and that the Proverbs 31 Woman really is not a myth but a Woman who fear’s the Lord and is to be praised….by the way…that’s YOU!

If you are not familiar with the Proverbs 31 Woman,  I encourage you to read Proverbs 31:10-31  

“She can laugh at the days to come”  Proverbs 31:25b (that’s the second half of the verse)

I think God definitely has a sense of humor.  Not until about 9 years ago did I understand what this  “laugh at the days to come”  really meant..deep in my heart.   I remember reading this verse and saying  “YES”  to the Lord because it had finally become a reality in my life.

There are many kinds of laughter,  aren’t there?  As I prayed about this laughter subject many things came to mind…

  • There’s the rolling on the floor when someone tells us a funny joke..
  • Then there is that silly kind of laughter that you get when you are with others and something just strikes all of you as funny and yet if a passerby were to ask?  “what’s so funny?”  they totally wouldn’t get it or would not think it was funny at all.
  • Oh and there is that laugh we do when we don’t know what else to do,  but laugh..even when we are dying’s the “Christian thing to do you know”
  • There’s the prideful kind of laughter…like when we are laughing AT someone
  • There’s the laughter that you feel when you see a sunset or kids playing so kindly together
  • Then there is that laughter that only comes from deep within…you know the Joy of the Lord…kind of laughter…the kind of laughter that can never be shaken or taken away.  A deep laughter that is so amazing it can only come from the Lord.

Does that make sense?  Sometimes the hardships of this life make it hard to  “laugh at the days to come”  and yet it is totally possible to have this kind of deep laughter…deep joy.

Have a little chuckle for today and tomorrow we will dig deeper

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      Hi Carrie! I am so got put into my spam folder :( You are free now LOL Yes.. Laughter is such a great stress reliever. I don’t know what I would do if I didn’t laugh sometimes! Thank you so much for stopping by!

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    Shari Lynn, I really enjoyed today’s post and it whet my whistle for the next 9 days. I agree that laughter is so vital to the life of a believer. The Lord has been teaching me so much about the “joy the Lord is my strength” these past 18 years that my heart got excited to read your series in this 10 Days of Proverbs 31!
    Kate @ Teaching What Is Good recently posted..10 Days of Prov 31 – Day 1My Profile

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      Hi Kate! Thanks so much for stopping by! I’m so glad that my post perked a little interest LOL 😀 I would so love to hear how God touches your Heart as we go through this series. It seems funny that God would care so much about a Joyful Heart..but like you is vital for many reasons in a believers life.

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      Hi Pamela! I’m so sorry but you got put in my spam folder :( I’ve made sure that won’t happen again! Great ministry you have :) Thank you so much for stopping by!

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    Found your blog for the first time at Make a Different Mondays. I love your take on Proverbs 31. We tend to make her all heavy and scary and intimidating, but we forget that she had a smile on her face. I just referenced that very verse in a post that I did for my 25th anniversary — I’ll share it here, but feel free to delete the link later, as I don’t want to obnoxiously self-promote on your blog.
    Blessings on your week!
    Michele Morin recently posted..Because You Are Worth ItMy Profile

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