My Husbands Economical Valentine Gift

Valentines Day is just around the corner and every year for the past few years,  my son and I have an ongoing laugh about an incident that happened a few years ago….My Husbands Economical Valentine Gift.

First you need to know a little about my husband…he’s…well…economical…frugal..well I’ll just say it..CHEAP!  LOL  What do I mean by that..well he cannot stand to spend any amount of $$ on’s really hard for him.  If he goes shopping at any time with anyone in our family and the amount at the cash register is a little higher than he expected..well he starts humming.  Yep humming..  It starts with a sigh and then he kind of looks around..then catches the eye of whoever he’s with and just starts humming… it’s really hilarious…I guess it’s his way of relieving stress without freaking out!  LOL

My husband has brought me some amazing gifts over the years with his dumpster diving I mean really dumpster diving!  Years ago he was working at a Christian School at a church…and people would throw away tons of  “treasures” after a potluck..many really nice dishes,  if after a long while nobody claimed them..One year he brought me home a beautiful white platter from Italy that had been thrown away.. I still have it and love it..LOL

platter Italy

So you get my picture..he’s.. well “economical” … 

On to my little chuckle..Well I LOVE flowers!  Everyone in my fam knows this..

A few years ago on Valentines Day my husband was a little late coming home from work…I wondered what he had up his sleeve for this very special day…as we proclaim our love for one another.  My kids get a little excited too,  seeing Mom and Dad love on one another in word and deed and sweet little gifts.  Well this year just about knocked me off my socks…FOR GOOD! 

My husband snuck quietly into the house..I could hear him whispering to my son..who was about 13..I could hear the whispering getting louder and all of a sudden my husband rounds the corner with the hugest smile,  a card,  a bag of my fave candy..peppermint patties and a Rose…

My heart skipped a beat..oh how he loves me..and oh how I love arms stretched wide to give him a big hug and kiss..

What?!  What is this?..a wooden Rose?..

I kid you was one of those hokey wooden Roses that you get from the Dollar Store.  I just about fell was not even pretty!  Ummm..I said  “thank you honey”  and gave him a big kiss…I tried real hard to hold back the hysteria that was welling up inside of me…

My son was in the background with the funniest look on his face and after my husband went to take a son say’s “Mom..I can’t believe Dad bought you that ugly wooden Rose?!”  “I mean it’s Valentines Day!”  We just about died laughing!  We were laughing so hard that we were crying!

Tell does a 13 year old Boy know that this is not really a good gift for Valentines Day and a grown man doesn’t even get a clue!  LOL 

Now you may think…isn’t that so’s the thought that counts..

C mon now…he bought it from the Dollar Store!  It cost $1 and was ugly!  No not thoughtful at all.

Do you wonder what a man might be thinking when he buys such a treasure?  Well…he says that he bought it because he knows how much I love flowers and that this flower would last forever just like his love!

It sounds romantic doesn’t it?  But if you live with this man..of many wonders..I’m afraid that spending maybe a little over a $1 for Valentines Day may have been appropriate…this One time..oh brother!  Maybe one of these days he will go to a real live flower store or possibly order online from Roses.  Until then..I just gotta laugh..LOL

By the way..I love my husband dearly..just didn’t want you to think I was bashing the poor guy..well maybe a little LOL..but I still Love him..He has many, many other fine qualities!

I’ll let you know what happens this the mean son and I can’t help but laughing every year at my husbands “economical” gift.

Bouquet of Roses

My last flower Bouquet from my garden from 2012 Summer.

What is the funniest gift your husband ever got you?

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  1. says

    Oh, Shari, I was laughing the whole time I read this! My husband is very economical, too, but that wooden rose was over the top! When it comes to gifts, he is really quite thoughtful. He will usually stop at the grocery store on Valentine’s Day to buy me a real bouquet of flowers. 😉 I love how you and your son still laugh about this memory!
    Ginny Marie recently posted..RedMy Profile

    • says

      It is over the top isn’t it Ginny LOL What a nut! That is sweet that your hubby buys real flowers..I think my husband bought me a real rose one time..LOL It’s been so long I can’t remember! Yes my son and I just crack up everytime we think of it..and I’m so glad because what if he said..”so what’s wrong with a wooden rose?” Oh I’d be really worried then! 😀

  2. Cindy says

    The funniest gift my Hubby ever gave me? A sewing machine. Why is that funny? I cant hem a hem or even sew a button on! I flunked sewing in highschool! And dont even get me started on threading a needle! I can barely see! What was he thinking?!?! Oh that i might want to take a class and sew clothes for our (then) little girl and her doll! OMGosh! I about died laughing!

    • says

      LOL LOL LOL Well being that I know you my sweet Cindy that is too funny.. and again men what are they thinking??? And of course he truly wanted to bless you!! 😀

  3. says

    Oh my goodness, the wooden rose is hysterical! The funniest gift the Hubs ever gave me was the gift I received for my first Mother’s Day as a soon-to-be new mom. I was around seven months pregnant with my first son at the time, and I was hoping for something sentimental… like jewelry would have been nice! But, noooo… I got, ready for this…. a FAX MACHINE! Keep in mind, this was in 1999, so people actually still used fax machines then, but really?!? When I asked him what he was thinking, he said, “Well, I know that you want to be a SAHM, but I also know that you don’t want to give up freelance writing. I thought this would help you with any jobs that come your way after the baby is born.” I wasn’t sure if I should be glad he was thoughtful about my future wants/needs, or still mad about getting an office machine as my first ever Mommy gift! We still laugh about that one, even 13 years later!
    Mom Blog recently posted..Don’t Be Scared To Contact A LawyerMy Profile

    • says

      Good for you Shelly!! Boys definately need training from the Moms on this one..I was so surprised that even my son seemed to know..ummm I don’t think that’s such a good idea Dad..LOL Blessings!

    • says

      I know right!!?? It was right before I started blogging!! RATS! Because oh how I would have loved to show everyone! LOL 😀 Thanks so much for stopping by!

  4. says

    I honestly think guys are just missing a “chip” in their brains about gift stuff. My husband isn’t especially cheap, but he definitely is clueless and we’ve had these discussions so many times, but he never really gets the message. Nowadays, I just buy stuff I like and give it to him to wrap up and call it good. If you want something done right, sometimes you have to do it yourself!
    Adrian recently posted..Sibling Rivalry vs. BullyingMy Profile

    • says

      LOL You are funny Adrian..where did that chip go??!! Sometimes my husband just what you of course I do..LOL :) Thanks for stopping by! Blessings to you!!

  5. says

    At our house, it’s the other way around….I’m the skinflint and he isn’t! So I can relate to your hubby!
    I usually tell mine to get me nothing for Valentine’s Day, but he gets me a card, and takes me to dinner somewhere romantic. And this year I am asking for candy, ’cause I’m getting a colonoscopy on Valentine’s Day and I’ll be hungry later. 😉
    Carol at Our Sears Kit Home recently posted..Tale of Two HoneysMy Profile

    • says

      LOL that’s too funny! I have lots of girlfriends that are the same Carol 😉 I’m the spender in my fam..obviously. LOL I think you definately deserve candy on Valentines Day for a reward!! Good luck! Thanks so much for stopping by!

  6. says

    Oh how brilliant! My husband is notoriously tight-fisted too, I too find it funny rather than annoying. The thing is, after 14 years together, it’s rubbed off on me, and I’m actually worse than he is now. On our first date we went out for a drive, and we pulled in to the car park to park up. A chalkboard stated the price – £2.50 – and simultaneously we exclaimed ‘HOW MUCH!’ and he spun the car around and we were out of there. I knew then he was the man of my dreams… lol :-)
    I do have to say, that he is very generous with gifts for me, just a little uninspired at times (self portrait of himself – yes really, silver nightdress two sizes too small – wishful thinking on his part!, epilator…)
    Mama G recently posted..Together ForeverMy Profile

    • says

      Oh you are just crackin me up Mama G!! 😀 I’m pretty “economical” really I’m not too offended..but on Valentine’s maybe more than $1 would be nice..LOL Oooh maybe that beautiful nightdress was on sale..LOL..those hubbies..they are just tooo funny! Thanks for stopping by!

  7. says

    The funniest gift my husband ever got me…hmmm…let me see. He’s really, really good at this because he knows me like the back of his hand. But our first year together, he was planning this elaborate engagement proposal the day after my birthday and this huge bday trip surrounding it. So he didn’t have time to wrap the gifts he gave to me on my birthday. So he repurposed a gift box I’d previously given to him for one of the gifts and used one of his white undershirts to wrap another. And did I mention newspaper to wrap a 3rd gift? Too funny!
    Fawn Weaver recently posted..Dinner + Movie Giveaway {& Link Up Thursdays}My Profile

  8. says

    While my guy isn’t cheap, I would say mine may be an even more epic FAIL! So before my fiance and I were engaged, this one Valentine’s he got me the Beyonce Cd with the hit song on it called “All the Single Ladies”. If you don’t know the words to this song, then I will tell you because it is the most unromantic type of song you could possibly get your lady (whom you haven’t yet proposed to) for Valentine’s. The song is about a woman who dumped her guy who is out at a club with her friends dancing with other men who are hitting on her. She tells her guy in this song, “If you liked it then you should have put a ring on it.” !! Ok so my story gets worse, because my guy had already gotten me that cd for my birthday and forgot about it apparently, because he argued that no..this was a different cd than the other one. I didn’t care for the cd much the first time around and sold it on ebay. It was like the cd that came back to haunt me! And it wasn’t even wrapped, and there wasn’t even a card! Oy..what goes through men’s heads sometimes?? In his defense he didn’t know the lyrics to the song…otherwise it would have been REALLY bad.
    Rebekah recently posted..The Cat That Wanted To Party- A True (Funny) StoryMy Profile

    • says

      LOL..that is too funny..I think maybe you are right about an epic fail..LOL Men are so brother keeps getting a digital picture frame for Christmas..three times now..I don’t even like those things..He MUST forget that he’s gotten it for us..LOL

      So you must have sold it on ebay again..right!? LOL:D
      Thanks for stopping by!
      Blessings to you!

  9. says

    well…I TRIED to sell it on ebay..but it won’t sell this time around . So it still sits there as a reminder haha. This year I got a heart shaped box of my favorite chocolates and a sweet Mickey mouse card. I would say a major improvement, wouldn’t you? 😉 So how did your guy fare this time. No wooden roses I hope? :)
    Rebekah recently posted..A Love Song for Spring- Five Minute PoetryMy Profile

    • says

      Hi Mai! Awww I didn’t know..Hmmm I’ll have to be creative and think of something to link! HA! Thank you for stopping by and letting me know..I’ll promote on my blog next week k :)

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