My Daughter is a Hopeless Romantic


I have been compensated by to review their awesome site and dresses.  All opinions and stories are mine alone.

She jumped out of the car this morning as fast as she could…and off she went.  On her way to play Basketball across the mountains…without me this time.   She didn’t even look back to wave goodbye!  She’s Fifteen you know..all grown up she says.  Aww if she only new how much more growing she had to do. 

I came home and decided in my heart that it was time to let her go..time to let her grow.  Grow beyond all of my girlish thoughts for her.  Grow to be who God created her to be..not what I wanted her to be.

Anna 1 

Along with being an amazing Basketball player,  my daughter is a hopeless romantic.  She LOVES any kind of movie, story, gossip that has to do with Love!  She’s always been that way..ever since she really was a little girl.  She’s always asked a million questions when it comes to boys, relationships, marriage….  Yep, she wants to KNOW everything.

The one thing that she is more excited about than anything right now since entering into her first year of High School is the Prom and Homecoming and fancy dresses.  She fantasizes about what kind of dress she will wear and what amazing boy will ask her and how they will dance the night away..and maybe even steal a kiss here and there.  Yep..she is in love with love.  Can’t stop it…she’s 15..

You can just imagine how my heart longs to control her feelings and emotions and thoughts!  But I can only be her cheerleader, her confidant, her mentor…her Mom.  The rest I leave to God. 

Ok I’m becoming way to melancholy!

Anyway…I was so honored and excited to be able to hop on over to to check out all of the Prom and Homecoming dresses at half the price you would find at other retailers!  My daughters expectations are so high!  So to find a website with reasonably priced dresses for special occasions was a treat for sure!  These types of dresses are usually crazy expensive!!

Here are some of the dresses that she loved..

Prom dress 1


Homecoming dress 1


homecoming dress 2


Homecoming 3

I have to be honest..I think the all bare shoulder is a bit much..but that is the style that is really in and she loves it.   Dress First has tons of other styles though!  Tons for all occasions! 

Sooo as I let my sweet girl grow…I guess I must accept that the outside must match the inside…grown up..sort of Winking smile

She loves the Lord and is very smart…I’m thankful for that.

I also realize that many of you will not agree with her choice of dress styles…feeling that it reveals too much…that my friend will lead into a series that I will be doing at the beginning of the year…

In the mean time….

What kinds of dresses do you love to see teen girls dressed in?

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