Living a Life You Love – iChoose 2 Love My Life-Review and Invite!

At 54 years old I have dreams and aspirations that I would love to see come to fruition someday.  However with 7 children (3 still home) and 5 grandchildren (one of which I babysit..soon to be two!)  it’s easy for me to set aside any desires and callings other than Motherhood and Grammyhood.  LOL 

When we decided to have more children after our first 4 were almost grown..I was sort of in a panic.  What about ME God!?   Did I really want to be a Mom FOREVER?!  Well it seemed like forever…God in His mercy toward me,  as always,  spoke to my heart and said as clear as day  “You are more than a Mom Shari”  

I’ve lived that promise out everyday since He spoke so clearly to my heart….even while changing diaper,  cleaning messes,  cooking meals,  comforting tears.. I would tell myself  “I’m more than a Mom”.   Now don’t get me wrong!  I can’t think of a more wonderful job in the whole world than to be a Mom..honestly.  But I feel that it’s important to continue to develop other areas of my life too.  That’s why I started Blogging…because I LOVE to write.

BUT..I really have had no clear direction..just kind of trying things out,  asking God to bless this and that or get me out of it :)

That’s where iChoose2 Love My Life comes in…

A couple of months ago I was humbled as Kelly Thorne Gore,  Founder and President of iChoose2 Love My Life,  asked myself and some other bloggers to be an Ambassador for iChoose2 Love My Life.  I had become a subscriber to regular emails and videos for IChoose2 Love My Life and was thrilled to say the least to become an active part of promoting this God honoring ministry.

So what exactly is iChoose 2 Love My Life?  Well in is a one year journey toward loving the life you live..

One Year..does that seem overwhelming?  This journey is a deep and soul searching that includes God in every step of the way.  You know sometimes it can be a little scary to stop long enough to see just where we are in this life journey.  Areas we may need to work on and goals we want to meet for the Glory of God.  But really unless we are focused and living intentionally…we can flounder around for years and not even realize it.

iChoose2 Love My Life lovingly asks the questions that we need to move forward,  to journey into living the life we love…to remove the obstacles that stand in our way…to focus on God’s will for our lives.  This journey is a 52 week journey that targets the areas that are unique to women and our world around us..


If you would like to live intentionally and have influence in your special part of the world.. iChoose2 Love My Life is a must. 

I would love it if you would journey with me! 

On January 8th iChoose2 Love My Life will be having a FUN Online New Years Party! 

We will be kicking off the New Year iBloom Style!!

To RSVP please hop on over to the iBloom website and sign up

I can promise You’ll be inspired & equipped to begin living a life you love in 2013.



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      Hi Fauzi! Happy New Year and thanks so much…you are just too sweet! I’m hoping to be a little more organized and get around to more blogs this year! Definately including yours!! I love’s an amazing ministry and the women are wonderful. I LOVE the book’s a dig deeper kind of book..which I love to do every couple of years at least :)

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