Listen To The Children – Giving Our Full Attention


If there is one thing that really bothers me,  it is when someone does not give me there full attention when I am talking to them.  Maybe it’s just me,  but I feel that if I am talking to someone and they are not giving me their full attention, I feel well…not important!  I think we all want to feel important.  Feel like we are worthy of being listened to,  even if it is just for a minute or two.

I think body language has a lot to do with my not feeling like I am being listened to.  I have this little list I thought I would share of ways that I  “feel”  someone is not listening when I am talking:

  1. When someone is not looking me in the eye.  Now,  I know that sometimes this is shyness.  Sometimes though I can see that a person is just staring off into space when I am talking to them,  as if they really are not interested in what I have to say.
  2. When someone is looking over my shoulder (past me) as I am talking to them and they see someone else that they want/need to talk to and they are obviously not intent on listening to me.
  3. Or when I have come up to say something to someone while they are in the middle of something and I say  “can I have your attention for just a minute?”  and they say “sure” and then they continue with what they are doing and don’t even look up at me.

My kids do this to me,   as much as we have worked on looking someone in the eye and giving full attention to the person talking.  Of course I have experienced this from others…it just happens. 

BUT…what really gets to my is when I do this to others!

I have been having so much fun blogging, that sometimes I am not fully present.  LOL  I have not been stopping to look and listen to the children when they ask me a question or sometimes when they want to tell me a story or a new  “happening”  in there life.  I need to ask their forgiveness and make them feel “important”  by stopping and listening. 

Blogging can wait and so can many other of life’s tasks…But children and grandchildren can’t…in a blink of an eye they are grown.  Trust me I know.  While they are with me I want to listen to the children and give my full attention to let them know how special and important they are! 

I will also be intent on listening to others more fully.  It is always good when God brings us back to the simple things that mean so much!


How about you,  did I have your full attention?  Just kidding!  Be blessed today!







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    I don’t like that either! I used to think it meant they were guilty of something and could not look me in the eye. But since I have matured, I have learned that some people have no confidence and think they are beneath you. People with a low level of confidence tend to not look you in the eye. I do my best to try to get their attention though. I know what you mean though with the children. Mine is all grown up now.

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    So, so true. It is so easy to try to demand something from our kids, but yet, not give them the same thing in return. I have to keep this in check, myself.

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    Thank you so much for this post, I needed to read this today. I am on the computer a lot, I am a photographer working from home and so it can be tricky to have that balance. I find myself so often not giving the kids my full attention when they are telling me something. I even find myself just agreeing with them without even knowing what I am agreeing to, bad. I try to stay up late so that I get most of my work done when they are in bed, but the day still demands a lot. In reality though it wouldn’t take much for me to turn around away from my computer and listen to them for the few minutes they are asking. Thank you for this encouraging word today. Blessing, Linsey

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