Homemade Ice Pack

Soon or later it’s bound to happen…a bump, a scrape, a sprain, strain or YIKES a break!  Everyone should know how to make a Homemade Ice Pack!

Homemade Ice Pack

Yesterday was a beautiful sunny day and I happily went to pick up my daughter up from Track..anticipating her basketball game later that evening.  Basketball is HER sport..she is amazing at it…

As I sat relaxing, quietly..Awww in the sunshine, a few of her friends came up to the car with long faces..

Ummm “Anna fell while doing hurdles.”  They proceeded to tell me how bad it was… I didn’t want to hear that! 

She limped her way out to the car while grimacing all the way…

We went home and put her on ice and ibuprofen right away.

I’ve been making Homemade Ice Packs for years..but it was only until recently did I learn about coloring the water!  From Pinterest of course!  I made these a while back and just didn’t blog about it..Imagine that! LOL  Then last night I figured maybe just maybe not everyone on the face of the earth knows how to do this..good thing I took pics..like a good Blogger does…LOL

So here is how you do it…

Homemade Ice Pack


  • Rubbing Alcohol
  • Water
  • Food Color..optional
  • Any size ZipLock Freezer Bag..I double these to make sure they don’t leak


For a small Ice Pack…mix 1 cup water to 1/2 cups Rubbing Alcohol.  Double, Triple for bigger Ice Packs.

Then pour into first bag..

Homemade Ice Pack



Then zip together and put THAT bag into another.  I do this in case it leaks.

Then lie flat in the freezer and freeze!  You can put it on a cookie sheet until it freezes if you don’t have a flat area.

Homemade Ice Pack

There you have it!  I was prepared for my daughters injury yesterday because I had these in my freezer ready to go!

Homemade Ice Pack


The ice was melting by the time I remembered to take a picture..but you get the idea.  Also Always be sure and put a towel between the Ice Pack and you skin or ouch…the ice will burn :(  We don’t want to add insult to injury :)

Now that Summer is almost here..these are great to just grab out of the freezer when you or the kids are getting over heated!  Awwww!

I also use Homemade Heating Pads to ease sore achy muscles too!  It’s good to be prepared! Smile

Homemade heating pad

Blessings! o


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    I’ve never done this, but I’ve often needed to (even today since I have a sore shoulder from overuse yesterday)! Thanks for the instructions. I didn’t know it could be this easy to make an ice pack.


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