History Channels-The Bible Mini Series! With Giveaway!

Ok I have to say that I am usually a little skeptical about History Channel or Time Life Books or any of those kinds of secular affiliates creating a truly Biblical movie or book..But after reading and researching History Channels-The Bible Mini Series I have found that this is going to be a wonderful adaptation from Genesis to Revelation..

Here are a few quotes from some outstanding Christian authorities such as Jim Daly of Focus on the Family and another article by Jim on Crosswalk:

“I love the passion and enthusiasm that my friends Mark Burnett and Roma Downey have invested in this new series. Rather than a word-for-word documentary, this project combines drama and history in a way that captures the essence and heart of the Gospel and the broader biblical story.”

“I’m convinced that The Bible represents a unique opportunity to convey God’s redemptive message to a broad audience – many of whom may be unfamiliar with the narrative of Scripture. My prayer is that many lives will be impacted not only by the beauty and quality of the production, but by the Truth that lies at the center of the story.”

Another authority ChurchLeaders says:

“Burnett, best known for producing reality shows like Survivor, The Voice, and The Apprentice, told the audience at Variety’s Family Entertainment and Faith-Based Summit in July that the series was really about “faith and love,” and his job was to tell the biblical stories in an “emotionally connected way.” The Christian Post, after a sneak peek of the film, called it at times violent but visually enchanting.”

Christian Post says “The Bible-This time Hollywood got it right!”

Here is a beautiful clip from the Movie..


So when does this awesome Mini Series begin? 

This Sunday night!!  March 3, 2013…3/3/13!  @ 8:00 PM

On the History Channel 

So be there or be Crying face..just kidding!

Let’s have some fun!  Here is a fun App for you and your fam to try out..

And as if that’s not fun enough..

Enter below if you would like to win a companion book to go with the movie! 

These will be chosen randomly so you will not know which one you will get..but they will be cool know matter which one you get!

  • A Story of God and All of Us (HARDCOVER)
  • A Story of God and All of Us (REFLECTIONS)
  • A Story of God and All of Us (YOUNG READERS)

Just enter the Rafflecopter below for your chance!!  Have fun and Good Luck  :)

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