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There is nothing like having a cozy fire on a cold winter day or night in my opinion. It seems to go beyond the usual electrical heating source and warm you to the bones. As a matter of fact having a fireplace has been a requirement in the last couple of homes we have bought. I didn’t really care what kind of fireplace..just as long as it kept us warm if the electricity went out.  One type of fireplace we have considered is a Pellet Stove.  My girlfriend has one and it is very economical and environmental friendly.  Harman Pellet Stoves has tons of beautiful different styles of stoves and inserts to choose from.

If there is one thing I cannot stand..it’s to be cold and even worse..I don’t want my babies cold! I feel a huge sense of obligation to care for my kids in this way…heat if the power goes out. It’s just me.. I can become a little obsessed about these things when it comes to my kidlets. LOL

But you know a fireplace truly does more than keep our bodies warm..I truly believe it warms our hearts also. It causes a family and friends to gather in one room.  It seems to fill the room and spirit with joy and comfort.  It creates a coziness without any words spoken.

Check out this cool infograh that not only satisfies that emotional side of having a fireplace..but also satisfies your rational side!

Pellet Stoves are Awesome

I’d say the infograh pretty much says it all!

More great news regarding using a biomass fuel efficiant stove ..you can get a federal tax credit of up to $300 on your Federal Income Tax return on qualifying biomass appliances..Yay!

So as you can see..biomass stoves are a popular heating alternative!


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  1. Cindy says

    Hi Shari, You are so right about pellet stoves! We had a traditional fireplace when we first bought our house. I got so tired of the dust and critters that came in on the chopped wood logs and those day when you cant burn cuz of the “no burn days”! So we switched to a fireplace being fueled by pellets. We loved it! And have now for more than 18yrs! We found out after putting ours in, that my allergies went down too! We are completely satisfied with ours!

    • says

      Hi Madonna! Yes it really is a great deal..my friend LOVES hers and I have also heard fantastic things about them :) Would love to hear back from you if you get one! Have a blessed day and thanks for stopping by!

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