Football Playoff Party Food Ideas!

My son came home the other day and asked if he could have some of his friends over for the Seattle Seahawks game on Sunday after church.   We are all really pumped for our Seattle Seahawks to possibly go to the playoffs. 

So I wanted to make it really fun so I came up with these cute and fun football playoff party food ideas!

Football Playoff Party Food Ideas

I know I’ve said it before…I used to hate sports…but with my girls in competitive Basketball I began to see the fun in a little competition!  To tell you the truth..with our Seattle Seahawks doing so amazingly well this’s been even more fun to catch a game with my husband and kids now and then!  

On top of that I just love that our Quarterback, Russell Wilson, is an on fire Christian that loves to serve the Lord, his family, his team and his community!  Who can’t get behind that..for that is my desire for these competitive girls of mine.  All this sports stuff is really meaningless, if in the end all you have to show for it is trophies on this earth…no they will rust and fade away.  We are to store up for ourselves treasures in heaven,  that my friend means investing in others.

As much as I LOVE to cook..sometimes it is just plain easier to grab some easy pre prepared foods at the grocery store.  I need to relax too!  Not only that, with Christmas just a few days away and the fact that I got the flu last week..I needed something easy for these big boys! 

I did some fun BUT easy things to make our party a little more special.  I mean we are really getting into this…and we EXPECT our Seahawks to go ALL the way to the Playoffs this year!  So in preparation I jazzed things up bit.

#GameTimeGoodies #shop #cbias Football Playoffs

I made little Pocket Pouches with Parchment Paper with our Seahawks Logo and 12th Man Logo on it!  For those of you that don’t know..the 12th man is US the fans!

Since I know that these boys can eat and eat and eat..I decided to serve up hot pockets first for a right after church lunch… (yes they are all making silly faces..just for our benefit…oh please!)

#GameTimeGoodies #shop #cbias Football Playoffs

After lunch I served up these yummy Drumstick cones in a fun way! 

#GameTimeGoodies #shop #cbias Football Playoffs

Things started to get a little heated after that…ummm our beloved Seahawks were not playing so well…I popped in some pre made Lasagna for dinner.  Food fixes everything with football!!  I loved that I could just pop it in the oven and have fun with the kids while it was cooking away!  I then served it up in a way that made very little clean up afterwards. 

Parchment Paper again… in bowls..oh and I still had some flags left so I popped those in the Lasagna too!  I served this up with some French Bread and boom..easy dinner!

#GameTimeGoodies #shop #cbias Football Playoffs

Well…guess what..the Seahawks lost!  Unbelievable..lost on their own turf…bad boys!  Oh well…we still love them and to make everyone happy I made Strawberry Milkshakes Vanilla Ice Cream and fresh Strawberries!  YUM! 

#GameTimeGoodies #shop #cbias Football Playoffs

All that food that I bought fed my hungry crowd with very little left over!  Lot’s of carbs, sugar, fun with a few veggies on the side.  It was a perfect way to spend an afternoon watching our fave Football Team and I hope it gave you some fun ideas for Football Playoff Party Food!


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