Does Your Cooking Stink? Maybe it’s Not You!

So do you think your cooking stinks?  Have you ever given some thought to the fact that it may not be you?

Obviously the second you hop on my blog you can tell that I LOVE to cook!  It’s just something that I have enjoyed since I was a kid.  Even though waaay back then I “had” to cook meals sometimes and thought I was so tortured! LOL 

I realize however that many of my friends and family do not share the same passion that I do for cooking.  I used to be very confused by this..I mean who doesn’t “like” to cook?  It’s such a necessary part of life and it’s a great creative outlet.   Well..I have just come to accept that everyone isn’t like me! LOL..duh! 

I have also discovered over the years,  some of the reasons “why” so many  don’t like to cook.  One reason I have found for this dislike is that people are lacking the quality kitchen essentials they need for cooking ease.  Or they have inferior utensils that break every time they attempt to use them.  Cooking can be quite frustrating when you do not have the right equipment. 

These are some of my faves for cooking…Love my Ninja! Love my Crockpot! Love my NuWave oven!  Love my utensils!  But most of all LOVE my Gas Range!

kitchen appliances

I am a Value Village Shopper..but over the years I’ve really tried to invest in good cooking utensils and appliances whenever I can.   I have found that having good quality gadgets, makes cooking much more enjoyable,  adventuresome and MUCH more SUCCESSFUL!

One appliance that has made a HUGE difference in my cooking fun is my gas range!  Even with such a wide variety of range cookers out there… I had never ever cooked on a gas range!  Oh how I LOVE IT!

The first time that I cooked on my gas range..I was totally amazed at how much better my cooking became.  I could control the heat better and my food was more golden brown and fluffier and well..beautiful!  When I cooked in the oven..I immediately noticed that my cakes, casseroles and quiches were fluffier and taller. 

After many many years of loving to cook..I am convinced that I love it even more with the proper utensils and appliances.

You may be thinking that you are not a cook just because of the way your food sometimes turns out…. a little overdone or underdone….Just maybe it’s not you?  I encourage you to try something different before you give up on cooking all together.

If you could invest in any kind of appliance or gadget for your kitchen…what would it be?  Or maybe you have a favorite you could share with us?

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