Do the Coupon Dance part 1

Do you do the coupon dance?  I do!  I’ve done couponing for YEARS.  Long before it ever became so popular.  Couponing is one helpful way  for enabling me to be a stay at home Mom.  I’ve been amazed at all of the extreme couponing I’ve seen on those reality shows.  Although it’s not my reality,  I do like the main idea of being able to save LOTS of $$ and I’m glad it can at least get people thinking about couponing.

I need to keep my life simple.  I am just too busy (aren’t we all) not to incorporate as many money and time saving techniques and ideas into my routine as possible.   One thing I have really taken advantage of in this area is the Internet!  It has made my life so much easier to be a wise steward of our money.

Here a few ways that I utilize the Internet:

  • Don’t do the hard work that someone has already done for you.  Websites like and many others like it, have already matched up the coupons with loss leaders from your local stores…they LOVE to save us money:)
  • These websites also have many other money saving ideas and match-ups
  • Print coupons that you need and don’t already have off of the Internet
  • Before you get your coupons or check match-ups have a meal plan in place.  If you don’t,  you will likely spend way too much money on things that don’t fit into your meal plan.

I want to encourage you to use the resources that are out there.  It will really free you up to do the things you really want to be doing.  Just try it!


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