Create a DIY Spa Kit and Pamper Yourself and Others

As a Mommy do you ever feel the need to just run away and get some alone time?…the need to indulge a little?…the need to treat yourself with a little tender loving care?  I sure do!  Pampering oneself means different things to different people…My daughter is going to have a baby’s #2  and as all you Mommy’s know..there’s not much time for yourself. 

Create a DIY Spa Kit

So I was trying to think of different ways to bless my daughter and then I thought hey..I should bless myself too! LOL  So I thought it would be fun to create a little DIY spa kit to pamper myself and others with, using some totally cool resources from some totally cool blogs and websites.  This is what I came up to Pamper from Head to Toe..

DIY spa kit

Thank you to Pillow Thought for this wonderfully lovely facial scrub!

DIY spa kit

Thank you to Stephanie Lynn @ Under The Table and Dreaming for this deeelish Homemade Sugar Scrub for your hands

DIY spa kit

Thank you to Ellinee Handcraft Your life for this relaxingly and awesome Bath Salts Recipe!

After all that scrubbing and soaking you definitely need a gentle moisturizer right!?

DIY spa kit

A luxurious and easy lotion by One Good Thing by Jillee and oh so easy using my fave Coconut Oil!

DIY spa kit

So if you are feeling totally crafty and just can’t help yourself you can also make some of this sweet and tasty Strawberry lip balm by Torie Jayne

Now for the finishing touches..

Add a nice soft hand towel or washcloth, a couple of nice fingernail files and maybe some polish for the toes and maybe even a little starbucks card…put into a nice little basket and there you have it..A DIY Spa Kit that anyone would enjoy!

Lest you get too overwhelmed by all this DIY stuff..I am making ONE batch of each and separating it out into SMALL these and then use ribbon and some printables to pretty them up:


Is all this crafting and DIY spa kit totally overwhelming?  No worries!  It is perfectly ok to run on over to your local Bath and Body Works shop and grab up some  “already made”  spa kit stuff and use that..really you are not less than because you didn’t make it yourself..As a matter of fact I will include in this post a great Bath and Body Works coupon code for $10 off.  Use it and be free from any condemnation! LOL  In other words relax and be blessed :)




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      LOL oh me too Dawn..that’s why we need pampering don’t you think! :D Sorry about your dry skin..maybe one of these simple little concoctions with help? Have a blessed day :)

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