Clean Teeth Can Give You a Smile Worth a Million Bucks!


You all know me… I love to laugh and smile…to try to see the sense of humor in life’s little things.  I know you’ve all heard the simple truth about smiling,  how it uses more muscles to frown than to smile.. If you know me too..the least amount of exercise the better! LOL  I’m workin on it!!  So why frown when you can use LESS muscles to smile!  Well clean teeth can give you a smile worth a million bucks too!  For real!! 

Have you ever noticed that some people have a hard time smiling?  Don’t you ever wonder why?  Oh I know life is amazingly hard…I know that all too well…but there are other reasons why some people don’t smile…things a little less complex..

Such as they don’t like the way they smile..or maybe they have crooked teeth…or possibly they are embarrassed by discolored teeth. 

Teens are sooo self conscious of these things!  I try as a parent to play down focusing on the outside and try to get my teens to focus on the know..what’s on the inside.  Try as I may…it’s just the way teens are …self focused.  Especially when it comes to image!


So when I got the opportunity to try out Colgate’s New Advanced Whitening Products and take the  2 week challenge…I knew just who to ask to try it out!  My 14 year old is so bummed about her teeth.  She thinks they are just too brownish in color.  Well everyone’s teeth are different shades…nobody has perfectly white teeth…but I thought..let’s give it a whirl. 

She was totally all over that!  You know the funny thing…my other  kids were like “Hey I wanna try that too!”  So I bought them all the new Colgate Total Advanced products for a happy and healthy smile.  They will be doing the 2 week challenge to see if their teeth truly are brighter and whiter….

This is my 14 year old….June 4..very early in the morning…LOL  Oh and we overslept…so man she’s tired…oops..


This is my 16 year old…happy as always..even very early in the morning…


Last but not least is my 12 year old…of course she’s in on the “action”


So on your mark,  get set,  GO!!  In 2 weeks we will be sharing the before and after pictures of all of there teeth on Instagram!  Don’t worry if you don’t have an Instagram I’ll be sharing on my blog too…so stay tuned…I know the suspense is just going to kill you Winking smile

By the way….I went shopping at Walgreens for my products and used my Balance Rewards Card…Do you have one?  You can save tons with discounts and  it’s like getting $$ back on purchases when you receive register rewards!  See that “SAVE $1”?   Well next time I go in to Walgreens, I can spend that on anything I want…Just like real money!  Yay!!


We’ve been using Colgate products for years so I’m excited to see the results of our little “experiment” Smile    Not only that my kids are gettng a #HappyHealthySmile in the process!  Yay!   I’ll also be following Colgate on Facebook and Twitter to read what others are saying!  Feel free to follow them too!

Hop on over and check out my shopping experience too if you would like :)

So have you ever not wanted to smile because of crooked teeth?  Stained teeth?  Or other mouth related problems?



Thank you Collective Bias!


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      I totally agree Heather! But teens…oh brother..every little thing HA..they are actually pretty good about not being to self conscious but my one daughter and her teeth…she just doesn’t like the we will see :) Thanks for stopping by! Blessings!

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      Hi Natasha! Yes I did post them BUT I posted on Instagram..kind of silly considering many don’t have an Instagram..I will definitely come back and insert the picture in my post the meantime if you have an Instagram.. Here is a link to the picture. The lighting isn’t the total best BUT it really did can tell some :) Hope this helps and I’m glad that you brought this up! Have a blessed week!

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