Creative Card Ideas for Your College Bound Kids


  This shop has been compensated by #CollectiveBias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. I’m in the count down to when my Son leaves for College.  I’m doing pretty well actually, that is until I have to really think about it! I’m so excited for my Son to be growing up and… 

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iParent.TV 1 year Subscription Giveaway!


I am beyond excited and honored to be partnering with Partnershub and iParent.TV.  I have been compensated to give my honest opinion. Just the other evening my husband and I were going through the movie channels to find something to watch.  We were chuckling in a nervous sort of way.  We love futuristic, action type… 

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Powerline365 Plugging Parents of Teens into the Source and Giveaway

4 questions parents ask about teens and snack foods… Should they have unlimited access? What should you provide? What about when friends come over? What about when you’re not around? Being a parent of a teenager is has a range of responsibilities from simply keeping them safe from harm and teaching them to live a… 

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Do Your Kids Know That Jesus Was Born to a Virgin?


We were driving to our family Christmas party this weekend and along the way the subject came up about Jesus Virgin birth.  My 15 year old daughter pipes up and says “What?  How can that happen?  Didn’t Mary and Joseph have sex?” Are you kidding me??!!  Why in the world doesn’t my FIFTEEN year old… 

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Just Dance Kids 2014 Video Game by Ubisoft


    As the kids get bigger and time rolls by,  I continually look for ways to connect with my teens.  My son will graduate from High School this year and my daughters will not be far behind.  Teens can be Oh so “sensitive” especially girls.  Between Hormones and learning to be independent but still… 

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Honoring My Girls for Their Athletic Achievements #PlayLikeAGirl

Championship #PlayLikeaGirl

I am honoring my girls athletic achievements that I am most proud of as part of a sponsored conversation for Verizon’s #FiOSFootballGirl campaign. #PlayLikeAGirl My kids were driving me crazy…it was pouring down rain outside and as with any homeschooling family, my house was in utter disarray with tunnels and tents everywhere. Crafts and toys… 

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More LunchBox Love Notes – Free Printable


Well today my girls are back to school and my son tomorrow.  Boo Hoo….he’s a senior this year!  To encourage them now and then,  I will be making lots of  LunchBox Love Notes to hide in lunches, on pillows, in the bathroom, in the frig….anywhere!  The years go by fast…encourage those babydolls of yours! Please… 

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Encouraging Lunch Box Notes for Kids


I’ve been thinking about how old my kids are and how little time is left for planting seeds of Faith and Joy into their hearts.  My kids don’t take there lunches to school, but I will be leaving lots of fun notes around the house and in there sports bags this year!     I made this… 

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Bag it Forward with Elmer’s And Champions for Kids!


I am a member of the Collective Bias® Social Fabric® Community. This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias, Elmer’s and Champions for Kids.  I am totally honored to be working on the Bag It Forward Campaign with all of them! School is just around the corner…we… 

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Adventures in Odyssey ACTS–90 Devotions for Kids Giveaway!


Are you ready for your next encouragement from Adventures in Odyssey ACTS for the Summer…do you remember what ACTS stands for? A Call To Serve Well this month the theme is Grow in your walk with God every day!  To celebrate, Tyndale House and Adventures in Odyssey are giving away this awesome 90 Devotions for… 

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10 Printable Car Travel Games and Ideas for Kids

10 Printable Car Travel Games and Ideas for Kids

I’ve been thinking about vacation…and thinking about how we no longer have our big van for the kids to spread out and have some space for long drives anymore.   Teens don’t really want to do much except sleep and listen to music in the car or play silly word games..but I was thinking about when… 

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Imagine! A.C.T.S. with Adventures in Odyssey! Giveaway and Lots of Free Stuff!


I don’t know about your household..but when my kids were younger they would play the most fascinating imagination games!  I mean they would get so engrossed in their play and characters, that I could not get them to snap out of it at the dinner table for anything…they would go on and on and my… 

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Clean Teeth Can Give You a Smile Worth a Million Bucks!


You all know me… I love to laugh and smile…to try to see the sense of humor in life’s little things.  I know you’ve all heard the simple truth about smiling,  how it uses more muscles to frown than to smile.. If you know me too..the least amount of exercise the better! LOL  I’m workin… 

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Drive it Home – A Funny Look at a Serious Subject!

Drive it Home

Thank you to the Allstate Foundation and National Safety Council for sponsoring this post. Check out Drive it Home, a website by and for parents, dedicated to keeping our teen drivers safe. Recently my husband and I were privileged to go to a fun but serious Seminar with some of my fellow local bloggers from… 

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