Better a Meal of Vegetables Where There is Love-We Were Rich!

With Thanksgiving nearing and Christmas right around the corner,  I just wanted to share how God gave me peace regarding finances and gift giving this year. 

Our finances like many of you,  have been TIGHT this year and I know that that is putting it quite mildly for some.  Dollar Store shopping has become more of a common occurrence out of necessity rather than my more frugal  “feeling”  days.  Yet,  we have so much to be thankful for.  Yes,  in the wake of Hurricane Sandy..we are millionaires just to have a place to call home.

Still we must live our daily lives trying to make ends meet and TRY to budget for a less than extravagant Christmas this year.   I’ve been feeling sad about that,  but the reality is…some years are just like that.

We are not a family that has it all,  by any means…but what God has given us,  is truly a blessing and gift. 

Proverbs 15:17  “Better a meal of vegetables where there is love than a fattened calf with hatred.”

Teens however sometimes don’t see it that way…Or do they??

The other day I needed to go to the Dollar Store and had my 14 year old daughter with me.  As we entered the store she says “Ugh,  I hope nobody see’s me going in here?”  I just looked at her and laughed and said.. “everyone goes to the Dollar Store these days for something,  so if you see someone you know,  say Hi so they don’t think your stuck up.”  LOL

We parted our ways..of course.. she had to go to the girly stuff section..after being there for about 5 minutes she comes strolling up beside me and says “remember when we were rich?”  I just looked at her a shocked look,  because if there is one thing we’ve never’s rich.  LOL 

Looking at her beautiful beaming face I knew she was serious and I just had to know what this girl was thinking..she thinks some amazingly crazy things sometimes..

She say’s  “Remember when Dad would take us to this Dollar Store when we were little and we could buy WHATEVER we wanted?”  “Yeeessss”  I say waiting for the rest of the story..because I would like to remember the days when we were rich too!  LOL

Again she says “Well we could buy WHATEVER we wanted here!”  I  tried not to chuckle and just kind of quietly said  “Yes honey I know…this IS the Dollar Store you know”

“Oh ya..that’s right!”  “well I remember being rich,  when we would do that!”


Ok…need I say anymore…

Memories in the heart of a child are not built on how much money is spent…and we may well know that in our heads..but when money is tight and you wonder how it will effect your children,  when the most you can do is go to the Dollar Store for a cheap little you know…

We were RICH in her mind..even in the mind of a 14 year old…Hmmm God spoke loud and clear to me for sure..


What does this tell you?

 By the way..I have an amazing Christmas Miracle story for those that are struggling..and for those that aren’t…






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    First of all I LOVE that Bible verse… you should show your daughter what poverty really looks like…. for many people in the USA, we are not reach by any means…. I always convince my husband of how RICH we truly are! and not only because of our Spiritual blessings… I’m talking about material stuff here! he’s never had to go through a day without food… he actually gets to say “no more chicken” once in a while because he gets tired of it… yes, we are rich, especially if we have the option of eating vegetables 😉 Great post!
    Paloma recently posted..Between a bucket and paper towelMy Profile

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      Hi Paloma! I love that scripture too :) Yes my daughter is definately the typical teen of these days..not much of an idea of the shear poverty that exists in many parts of this world..even in America. Now that she is getting older I’m thinking it may be time to go on a missions trip…don’t you think..time for a new perspective :) She is a sweet girl though 😉 Thanks for stopping by!

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    I just noticed a horrible spelling mistake on my post due to the rush I was in when writing.. I meant “we are not rich by any means” and for some reason wrote “reach!” Crazy! LOL! 😉 … your daughter is beautiful as well! 😉 she’ll get it some day! She has such a great mommy! 😉
    Paloma recently posted..Between a bucket and paper towelMy Profile

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      LOL..I took it the same my mind it meant the same thing! LOL Your funny :) As parents we always hope they’ll “get it” don’t we..thank you for your sweet compliment Paloma! Have a great day!

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    Nice post Shari! :) Your daughter is indeed beautiful and what a great experience and memory! I’m sure you will treasure that one for a long time to come. =)

    We don’t have it all and we aren’t rich either, however, don’t I wish! LOL This year we certainly won’t have an extravagant Christmas either. However, we were able to scrounge the money up for a trip to Florida, (first time for Florida), and I JUST NOW managed to save enough funds for this trip. We leave in a couple of weeks. That’s cutting it a little short with time. LMBO!!! It’s been really rough saving up for it.

    How fortunate some people are that CAN afford an extravagant holiday AND a vacation too! We had to make a choice this year. lol 😉 The only (little) person we are spending extra on is our grandson. He’s 2, this will be a fun Christmas for him and I can’t wait!

    Although, we are extremely rich with family! I’m so thankful for my family, my grandson and also the #2 that’s on the way. :)

    I really liked the Bible verse too. It was horrible what happened to the folks in New York and East Coast…I agree!! :( Just think of them, and you are so right, we are indeed millionaires.

    Awesome reality check Shari, thanks for sharing! :) Enjoyed reading.

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      Hi Tammy..thank you for taking so much time to leave such a considerate comment..that is so sweet of you :) My daughter was really tired in this pic..but hey I thought she looked pretty :) thank you for saying so :) What a fun Christmas you will have this year with your Grandson..he is just old enough to really enjoy it isn’t he and congrats on the new babe coming..we another coming in February too and it will be so fun :)

      Have a blessed day!

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    You’re most welcome Shari. Well, congrats on your upcoming arrival. I think I congratulated you somewhere else on the blog lol 😉 Again I hope you have a nice Thanksgiving with your family today =)

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    You know Shari, sometimes God teaches us something through our children’s voices, if only we would listen. I remember some scriptures…
    “..God has blessed us with everything that pertains to life and godliness…”(2 Peter 1:3)
    And But godliness with contentment is great gain.(1 Timothy 6:6)
    He meets our needs not necessarily wants, one at a time.
    Have a super blessed day!
    Love you loads
    Ugochi recently posted..THE RISKS OF MARRIAGEMy Profile

    • says did I miss you?? So sorry :( Thank you for your great encouragement to me!! You are such a blessing! Love those scriptures!! Thank you for stopping by!

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