5 Risks I’d like to Take! Right Now!

Do you ever dream of doing things that..well.. seem a little risky?  I’m pretty good at taking risks that don’t have too big of consequence..but sometimes I dream of doing a little more..

So I just thought I’d share with you a little about what is on my mind and see if YOU might do some of these things….

Risk #1.  I’ve REALLY been wanting to plant a vegetable garden since we have moved into our house about 2 1/2 years ago..but..the only place there is enough sunshine is in the front yard.  So I’ve been thinking long and hard about planting an Edible Front Yard Garden..


The surprising thing is that after getting so many great ideas, I’ve found that in some neighborhoods that a front yard garden can be quite controversial and downright offensive to some?!  Personally I think edible gardens are beautiful.  What do you think?  Would you be offended?

Risk #2.  Dying my hair..My girls are mortified that I am getting so much gray hair.  Not my older girls, but my teens.  I’m not sure if it’s the look of gray hair or the fact that they don’t like me getting older… So I’m thinking of dying my hair…


This isn’t too wild and crazy is it?! LOL

Risk #3.   I’d like to start doing Cooking Video’s..but I’m feeling totally under qualified!


This is definitely not my kitchen..but it’s just so pretty! :)  Although I have an awesome kitchen with lots of space and great lighting..I’m just nervous about taking the risk!  What do you think..shall I do it?

Risk #4.  I would like to take..is to get one these cute little ol cars..everyone says they are just too dangerous if I was to be an accident…

smart fortwo leads the two-seater cars class


They Kids complain that I could only go places by myself or that I could only have one other person with me…are you catchin the vision with me…..HA!

Risk # 5.  I’d like to spend the money to go on a really COOL vacation!

Ahhh..well..I can dream can’t I?  I’ll have to Win a trip like this! LOL


Ok so that’s all the risky behaviors that I’m thinking about!  What about you?  Do you have dreams that you would like to take a risk with?




  1. Deb says

    Personally, I prefer the “natural” look so I’m not a fan of hair dyes. I’ve never dyed my hair, and so far I’ve been able to resist our culture’s pressure to conform to a certain standard that’s considered “beautiful”.

    I tell everyone that I’ve earned every single one of my gray hairs, and that, according to God’s Word, my gray hair is my crown = )

    However, I would say that you should go for all 4 of your other dreams/risks ~ they sound like fun!! The garden would be beautiful and useful, cooking videos would be fun and awesome, that car would be such a hoot to buzz around town in, and everyone needs a vacation ; )

    • says

      Hi Deb..I so appreciate your comment..It makes me laugh because truthfully the only reason that I would color my hair is because my daughters seem to be so disapproving lately of my hair color..um graying..but not all gray.

      I have always LOVED gray. My Grandparents had white hair and I always thought it was so beautiful! I think that’s kinda the problem with my daughters..I’m starting to look more like a Grammy than a Mommy…LOL BUT God gave me to them and them to me..so I think they should just get over it! HA!

      And thanks so much for the encouragement on the other things! I really do want to start doing some fun cooking videos..I think one of my daughters wants to get in on that action too! It would be fun! Now I just need to be brave enough! LOL

      Thanks for stopping by and blessings to you!!

  2. Cindy says

    Shari, my dear friend! Yes go for the Cooking shows – You’d be great! Yes go dig that garden and enjoy all the “fruits” of your labor! Yes to your vacation, of course YES!!!!! And bring me with! As far as the little car goes? I think DANGEROUS! but hey, you dont have to buy one to enjoy it, Rent one for a sunny weekend and have fun with it. Just come back safely plz. I need you! Gray Hair? Where? I just see a BEAUTIFUL Friend inside and out. Luv Ya Shari!

    • says

      Of course you think DANGEROUS..LOL your so funny! And you know what else?! You are the sweetest!! Thanks for stopping by today! It was a wonderful surprise! Love you!!

  3. says

    Hi Shari,

    I’ve been coloring my hair for years and years. I started greying at 18 years old. And my natural color is definitely TOTALLY grey now! lol I think when I turn 60 (will be 52 March 29th) lol…I’ll let it go natural?? MAYBE? lol 😉

    The small car, wow…yes, inviting danger, but just my opinion. 😉

    Shari, I personally think you’d be a natural at home cooking videos. Me, I’m way too shy for it. But you’d be awesome! :-)

    A vacation sounds awesome anytime of year!! lol

    And a veggie garden, I’ve never done one, my in-laws used to have one, and they are tons of work. However, you never know, I may just start one someday.

    I always love your posts Shari, keep up the good work! =)
    Tammy recently posted..12 Prayers For Tuesday and More – From My iPadMy Profile

    • says

      You are a great encouragement to me Tammy! Yes I’m not really sure I’m going to color my hair..mostly because..Shhhh I’m lazy! LOL I just don’t really want the commitment..but it keeps coming up..with my kids anyway! LOL


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